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Finally, a discreet dog bag for dog waste bags | dog poop bags which discreetly and conveniently handles and carries dog waste.  A unique and sanitary poop scooper option. A great dog gift.  You will now no longer carry your full dog poop bag for the whole world to see.  Your empty and full poop bags will now be safely and discreetly carried in this unique and patented poop pouch.  Wag’n’Load can be carried on any type of leash – it is a unique dog walking bag. This holder can also be carried off-leash if that is your preference. Exterior and interior pockets in carrier also allow room for dog training supplies, treats and an inverted 2 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer.  You can use your choice of any plastic bag or dog poop bag. Available in different dog bag sizes and colors. Bag is durable and washable. Efficient and easy dog poop bag holder ordering is available right here.

Sanitary dog waste bags



Do you also dislike carrying those unsightly plastic bags filled with poop?  The sight of a nicely dressed woman walking her pet and holding her mug of coffee with her full plastic poop bag dangling from the same hand prompted this thought —- there has to be a better way!  And now there is – Wag’n’Load – the unique dog bag.


You can continue to use whatever poop bags you prefer for your pet’s waste.  There is a handy clip available on Wag’n’Load, if you prefer to use a dog poop bags dispenser.  Or you may prefer using disposable latex gloves rather than a poop bag.  There are handy pockets available for storing your personal choices.  These unique dog bags have an expandable pocket for placing your full dog waste bags or gloves with feces out of sight and protected from breakage.  What could be more discreet?  More convenient?  Or more sanitary?


This unique designer dog bag, can be carried in whatever way you prefer and can be moved to optional sites as you wish.  If you would like to attach Wag’n’Load to your leash – that works just beautifully because the carrier is a fabulous walking bag.  It can be attached up near the top where you hold it.  It can be attached mid-leash.  It can be attached down near the bottom where the clip attaches to your pet’s collar.  This dog poop bag holder is a fantastic leash bag.

If you don’t use a leash, then you also have several options.  This handy poop pouch can be attached to your belt or to your belt-loops and is carried comfortably in that position.  It is a great park accessory.  It can be carried by the straps as a small purse.  Or simply placed in a coat pocket.


The extraordinary thing about Wag’n’Load is that it has additional features!  It is not just a dog waste bag holder.  This unique holder can also carry dog training supplies, treats, park passes, wallets or whatever.  It has a handy clip for a dog poop bag dispenser, keys, flashlights, or other training gadgets.  And even a side pocket for a 2 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer – which is a necessity after using poop bags to handle dog waste.  This new poop pouch comes in different sizes and different colors.  Now how many pet accessories can claim all of these features?

Our pets have fancy collars, leashes, jackets, sweaters, and jewelry.  Now is the time to step into the next century.  Wag’n’Load.  It’s a unique leash bag, a cutting edge dog waste bags carrier. Use this fancy option for a poop scooper or lugging ugly bags of dog feces.  Use this dog bag in discreetly carrying poop bags and for your dog training supplies.  Finally, a truly unique dog poop bag holder for taking care of your best friend’s business which includes their dog waste bags | dog poop bags.

Make your life easier, restore your dignity and take a look at Wag’n’Load.