Bag For Dog is a New Approach

Dog waste bags carried on dog leash accessory

Easily attached at top of dog leash


Perhaps you may still be lugging your full bag for dog poop down the street for everyone to view?  Is your poop bag dangling from your hand or bouncing on your leash?  How revolting!  We all do it.  We have been doing it for years.  And why is this?  Maybe it is because that is all we know.  Our dogs make a mess.  We scoop it up.  And away we go with our full bag of waste.  But please just think about this.  Would you walk down the street with a bag of your fecal material?  No.  So something must change.  And it has.  Consider a poop pouch or a dog poop bag holder that is now available right here that not only conceals what we are carrying but, better yet, they protect our dog waste bag from breakage.  And this Wag’n’Load dog bag offers even more convenient advantages with additional pockets for other necessities.

A Bag For Dog That Carries It All

We all have to pick up our pet feces.  It is the law for one thing. Furthermore, it protects our environment and our waters.  Picking up waste helps keep our beaches open – dog waste is one of the biggest contributors to contaminated waters.  Picking up waste makes the neighbors happy.  So as responsible pet owners, we must certainly do our job.  We do what is right.  But the way we have been doing it is very outdated.  We now are well aware of the many diseases, including worms and parasites that are carried in dog waste.  So once we have scooped our poop and placed it in our poop bag, we must certainly protect it from breakage.  Simply tying our bag on a leash or carrying by hand will not protect it.  Any slight bump could cause a tear or a rupture and the germs now have access to us and to others.  A bag for dog poop holder will prevent this from happening.

The other real necessity carried in our dog poop bag holder is a bottle of hand sanitizer.  This is another area where we have not been thinking correctly.  We must always sanitize our hands after handling dog waste.  And if we are not near soap and water than hand sanitizer is our only option.  This only makes perfect sense.  And why have we not been doing this?  Probably we just haven’t put much thought into it.  Maybe we were not aware of the many germs, parasites, worms and eggs in dog poop.  Well now we certainly are.  We’re a bit more knowledgeable about the hazards of canine feces, a bit smarter.  So now we must change, remembering all we know.  We must sanitize our hands.  And having the sanitizer easily available in our Wag’n’Load poop pouch will help us remember and make this a rather simple task.

So it is now time to shift from the old ways to the new solutions for handling our dog waste.  It is now time to use our knowledge and protect our poop bag from breakage.  It is time to always remember to sanitize our hands after picking up dog waste.  It is definitely time to consider a new bag for dog, this handy poop pouch, to assist us in our new way of doing things.  This new bag for dog poop holder and these new methods will make our lives much easier.