Bags For Dog Poop

Bags for dog poop must always be available when we are outside with our dog.  Whether we are walking with our pet on a leash or romping at a dog park, we must always be prepared with our bags.  The questions we must then ask ourselves are:

1)  Where and how should I carry those empty bags?

2)  Where and how should I carry them when they are full of dog poop?

3)  Once I scoop up the poop, is my task competed?

The correct answers to these questions may surprise you.  We have been handling our bags for dog poop incorrectly for many years.  It is the only way that most of us know.  In addition, for many years we have felt that our job was then completed.  We have scooped and bagged the poop and off we have walked.  Our job is done.  Well these are the old ways – the caveman ways.  The future has arrived and it is time to climb on board.

1)  The correct way to carry our empty poop bags is in a dog poop bags holder.  This will protect the bags from rips, tears or weakening of the walls.  By doing so, the dog feces will remain in the bag once it is scooped, without the danger of it being exposed to ourselves or to others.  Casually just stuffing the bags in our pocket – the caveman way – does carry the risk of this happening.

Another advantage to a poop bags holder is that the dog poop bags will always be available, stored in the holder.  We won’t have to always remember them as we bound out the door with our canine companion.  They will be easily ready and available for us.

Full Bags For Dog Poop Discreetly Carried

2)  The correct way to carry our full bags of dog poop is in a dog poop bags holder.  Once again, this will protect the full bags from breakage or tears.  This commonly happens if the bag for dog poop is simply tied to the leash or carried by hand.  The poop pouch will protect us and others from exposure to the smells, staining and health dangers of dog waste.

Another advantage to a bags holder is that the bags for dog poop are discreetly carried in an interior pocket.  This ugly, disgusting sight is now not visible to anyone.  Rather than carrying this full poop bag down the street – the caveman way, it is tucked away discreetly in our poop pouch.  We may purchase colored dog waste bags to try to make the bag look more attractive, but everyone can still see that ugly lump bouncing in the bag.  Simply tucking it away securely in our dog poop bags holder is the correct way to carry our bag.  More than one dog poop bag can be carried if our pet decides to deposit more poop.

3)  The correct answer to whether scooping up dog poop completes our task is “No.”  We are all now intelligent enough to realize the immense disease-carrying capacity of dog feces.  Just as we wash our hands after using toilet facilities, we must surely do the same after handling our bags for dog poop.  This is only good common sense.  Dog waste has a much greater capacity to cause more than 11 diseases – a much greater risk than human feces.  Contracting 5 different diseases caused by worms is one of these risks.  We must wash our hands.

Since we are away from soap and water, a good hand sanitizer is our only option.  Our dog poop bags holder has a side pocket that conveniently holds an inverted bottle of sanitizer.  A quick flip of the lid and squeeze of the pocket will dispel a small drop into our palm.  This is then dispersed over our hands and will protect us from bacterial germs, parasites, worms and their eggs.

Additional features of our poop pouch are that it can easily be attached to any portion of any leash – up near our hand loop, down near our pet or mid-leash.  It could also be attached to our belt or belt-loops, placed in our pocket or simply carried by hand.  It is quite versatile and can be moved to the various positions as we so wish.

Our dog poop bags holder also has additional pockets for dog training supplies, treats, park passes, our wallet, cell phone and more.  The handy side clip will hold a dog poop bags dispenser, flashlight or keys.  These additional pockets and features conveniently and always carry items needed for our dog walking and remove the need to stuff everything in our pockets when we head out the door.

We will take great delight in answering our questions correctly.  The many great advantages of our inexpensive dog poop bags holder will also bring us immense pleasure.  This unique poop pouch will conveniently, discreetly and safely hold our bags for dog poop and also so much more when we are out with our canine companion.