Best Dog Pouch

Here is a quote you may wish to remember as you use your new dog pouch:

“It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it”- Somerset Maugham

Accept only the best in how you choose to carry your dog poop bags, both empty and full, as you are out with your canine companion.  And accept only the best in carrying everything else you may need for your outing.  And if you follow this rule, you will gladly be accepting and welcoming Wag’n’Load, which is only the best.

It is the best way to carry your empty dog waste bags or gloves at all times.  You no longer need to remember every time to pick them up when you venture out with your pet.  Your unique dog pouch may be attached to your leash in whatever position you desire, and it is ready for you.  Or your pouch may be waiting near your leash and you prefer to attach it to your belt or belt-loops or maybe simply carry it by hand or place in your pocket.  However you choose to carry it, it will be all that you need for your outing and ready and waiting for you.  You have simply chosen the always available method – the best.

When your pet makes a mess, your bags or gloves are conveniently tucked away in your new accessory for you to simply grab and use.  Once you have picked up the dog poop, you simply tie a knot in the bag or glove and then return it to an interior pocket of your doggie pouch.  The dog waste bags are now out of site from you and others and securely protected in your accessory bag.  This is a remarkable and beautiful change from the other possible view, which is the full and visible bag of pet feces bouncing from your hand or leash.  Because you have chosen the better and safer view – the best.

Safe Dog Pouch

After returning your full dog poop bags or gloves to your dog pouch, you simply flip the top of the hand sanitizer, press on the side pocket where it is securely held, and catch the drop of sanitizer in your palm.  Then you gently caress the bit of sanitizer over your palms and fingers.  You have taken the intelligent step of confidently removing all fecal germs from your hands.  These pathogens include bacteria, parasites, worms and their eggs.  The enemy to these germs is always securely stored in your new dog bag and ready for your use.  You have chosen the sanitary option – the best.

Everything else you may need is also stored and available in your dog pouch.  You can carry dog training supplies, treats, park passes, your wallet, cell phone or anything else you may need in your unique dog accessory.  Or even attach your keys, flashlight or poop bags dispenser to the handy clip.  This choice is a much better option than stuffing everything into your pockets.  You have chosen the convenient method – the best.

And if you prefer to make a fashion statement, you can choose from various fashionable colors.  You can also make a choice from different sizes, depending upon the size of your canine friend or your needs.  You have chosen a versatile and attractive accessory – the best.

As you leave your home or vehicle with your pet, ready to enjoy your exercise and bonding with them, you are always ready with all you will need if you choose nothing but the best.  Chose the best way to carry your dog poop bags, empty or full, and also to hold everything else you desire.  Choose Wag’n’Load your new dog pouch – which is the best.