Black Dog Poop Bag Holder

Please consider a new treat – our black Wag’n’Load dog poop bag holder.


We have offered red, blue and green for years, but possibly black is your preferred color.  It may better match your leash or your pants or you may just prefer a darker color.

Well consider something new and different.  Consider this dog poop bag holder that will make your tasks as a responsible dog owner much easier.  More convenient, more discreet and more sanitary.

Consider this unique dog accessory that will carry your loaded dog poop bags and more than one too!  Consider this dog waste bag carrier that will also carry your empty dog poop bags, your wallet, cell phone, dog treats, car keys or flashlight.  Finally consider this poop pouch that will also hold an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer that is available and ready with a slight squeeze of the bag.

Yes, this new and different dog poop bag holder will make it much easier for you to carry dog poop and all of the other necessities needed when out walking your dog.  Easily attaches to leash or belt loops.

And now it is available in a flashy new color – BLACK.  Look at all of our colors and order one or more here.  Free shipping on 3 or more.