Come Out of the Cave With a Poop Pouch

It is finally time to buy a poop pouch and come out of the cave.  We have all been using our dog poop bag the cave-man way for far too long.  We don’t even think about what we are doing, we just do it.  We continue in the same way we have always used our dog poop bags – we carry them down the street for all to see.  This is disgusting and was maybe acceptable long ago, but not in today’s world.  We have also been using poop bags to handle dog poop without sanitizing our hands afterwards.  This is the cave-man way, the old way, the way of the past.  But we must look forward to today and to the future.

Our lives have become more organized and easy in so many ways.  When a woman leaves home with her purse, she is always assured that most of what she may need is safely available inside.  When a man places a wallet in his pocket, he feels the same way.  Our children heading off to school know that most of what is needed is in their backpacks. Our vehicles have compartments for most of our needs.  Even our bicycles have slots and racks for those important essentials.  Why has walking our canine companion not caught up to these inventions?

When we decide to take our best friend for an outing this is the usual cave-man procedure:

1) locate the poop bags and stuff a few in our pockets

2) find a few treats to take along and stuff these in our pockets

3) locate that training whistle and stuff that in our pocket

4) find our hand sanitizer and stuff that in our pocket

(OK, we haven’t been doing this, but soon we will be educated)

5) grab our wallet, keys, cell phone and stuff those all in our pockets

6) grab the leash, attach to our friend, and out the door we go

There is an easier way – a more convenient and safer way.  Wag’n’Load will carry it all.  The dog poop bags, hand sanitizer, whistle and treats can always be available in our poop pouch.  The poop bags will be safely protected from tears that may have occurred by jamming them into our pockets, especially if our keys were also stuffed in.  Of course, we need to add our other essentials on each outing – our wallet, keys and cell phone.  Everything else will be safely and conveniently secured in our handy pouch which is attached to our leash.  So we simply grab the leash, attach to our pet, and out the door we go.  The future has arrived.

Now when our friend attends to their business, this is the usual cave-man procedure:

1) grab a dog poop bag from our pocket and scoop up the dog poop

2) tie a knot in the bag

3) attach the poop bag to our leash or carry it down the street with one hand

4) we haven’t been sanitizing our hands because we haven’t been educated

5) if our canine friend expels more dog waste, we remove another bag and scoop

it up and now proceed to carry two bags or attach another to our leash.

6) we continue not to sanitize our hands because we are not aware of the need.

There is an easier way – a more discreet and safe way.  Wag’n’Load will carry it all.  Simply remove a dog poop bag from its safe inner pocket, scoop up the dog waste, tie a knot in the bag and return the poop bag to the inner compartment of our poop pouch.  It is now safely secured and protected from possible breakage or tears.  If our best friend expels more dog waste, our poop pouch can carry more than one full bag of dog poop.  In addition, our hands are now free for other things.  Finally, the ugly dog waste bag is not visible to the world, which when we think about it, is the most cave-man like vision of everything we have been doing.  Human feces were also regarded differently in those days, but we have progressed.   We just have not progressed with pet feces.  We have continued to carry them as our “bag of honor”, something we would never consider doing with human feces.  Now our “bag of honor” will be Wag’n’Load attached to our leash at all times.  The future has arrived.

There is an easier way – a more sanitary way.  Wag’n’Load will carry it all and help ensure our good health while doing so.  We must sanitize our hands after handling our dog poop bags.  Dog waste is harmful to our health, much more harmful than human excrement.  We wash our hands after using toilet facilities – we MUST sanitize our hands after handling dog poop, even if we feel that we touched nothing.  Dog poop is the common carrier of over 11 diseases, including diseases caused by parasites and five different worm species and their eggs.  Hand sanitation is a must.  Our poop pouch always conveniently carries an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer, so the procedure is simple.  A small pressure on the side pocket will expel a drop into our palm which is then easily disbursed over our hands.  With our hands now clean and available, we can use them for other endeavors like eating our apple or candy bar or sipping from our cup of coffee.  The future has arrived.

Poop Pouch is The Future

It is time to come out of the cave and our old way of handling dog poop and its necessities.  The ways of old are past and the ways of the future are here.  It is a simple step to take to make our lives more convenient, safe, discreet and sanitary.  The new way to carry our poop bags, both empty and full, our hand sanitizer and our other needs will be so good for us.  We will wonder why we ever handled our dog poop bag the old way.  The future as arrived.  What we need is right here – Wagn’Load, the poop pouch.