Discreet Dog Poop Bags Holder

A dog poop bags holder will enable us to be discreet in our job of picking up dog waste.  We will be discreet both before and after our canine companion deposits their feces.  We will show the world the correct way to fulfill our responsibilities as dog owners.  We will be proud of the fact that we have the intelligence, the courage and the delight in completing tasks the right way.

Our poop pouch is so attractive and convenient we will carry it everywhere.  Some pet owners even attach Wag’n’Load to their belt-loops when they are not out with their pets.  Since it is also a handy holder for wallets, cell phones, keys and other necessities, it is worn by some when they head out shopping.  Those who wear the dog pouch are labeled as responsible pet owners at all times, so that is good.

Our dog poop bags holder will always carry a supply of poop bags.  Rather than shoving these bags in our pockets as we head out the door, our supply is always conveniently ready for us.  Because of the padding from the interior pockets of the pouch, the dog poop bags will be protected from tears or wall weakening – a common occurrence if stuffed in our pockets.

Once we have picked up dog waste, our dog poop bag can be discreetly placed into an interior pocket of our poop bags holder.  It will not be visible to others, which is good.  It will be protected from tears or breakage which is even better.  A bag of dog poop can easily be torn and spill if we simply tie the bag to our leash or let it dangle from our hand.  Discreetly carrying and protecting the poop bag in our poop pouch is a much better option.

If our canine companion stops again to deposit dog waste, we simply remove another dog poop bag, scoop it up and place it in our dog poop bags holder.  Our poop pouch can carry more than one loaded bag.

Dog Poop Bags Holder Also Discreetly Carries Hand Sanitizer

After picking up dog waste with our dog poop bag, we also must sanitize our hands.  It is now common knowledge of the disease-carrying capacity of dog poop.  Ensuring that we don’t pick up these germs is only good common sense.  Since we are not near soap and water, we must use hand sanitizer.  Our poop bags holder also discreetly carries an inverted 2 oz bottle of hand sanitizer in the side pocket.  We simply flip the lid, squeeze the side of the pocket, dispel a drop in our palm and rub the sanitizer over our hands.  We are now free of the germs from the feces.  We will not pass these germs on to others.

Picking up dog waste and discreetly carrying it is so easy with our unique dog poop bags holder.  We appreciate the convenience and discreetness of our poop pouch.  We enjoy the feeling of confidence we experience in immersing ourselves in the new and better way of promoting ourselves as responsible dog owners.  Having Wag’n’Load always attached to our leash or belt or belt-loops labels us as such.  It is a good label to have.