Dog Bag Extraordinaire


Finally, there is a unique dog bag to fulfill all that you desire while you are out with your pet.  It will hold everything that you need.  It comes in attractive colors.  It is available in various sizes to meet your needs or the size of your pet.  It is made of washable vinyl-backed nylon.  It can be attached anywhere on your conventional leash, including retractable leashes.  Or it can be carried on your belt or belt-loops or carried as a handbag.  All carrying options are easily interchangeable as you so desire.  It will make your outing more convenient, discreet and sanitary.

  • It will carry your supply of empty dog waste bags at all times.

You will no longer need to remember these as you head out the door.  They will be readily and conveniently available in your handy dog bag.  A dog poop bags dispenser can be attached to the side clip is this is your preference.

  • It will carry your “loaded” dog waste bag.

Your attractive, yet strong bag will discreetly conceal your full waste bag and also protect it from tears, rips or breakage.  If you choose to attach your dog bag to your leash, belt or belt-loops, you will not need to carry your full bag of dog waste by hand.  Your pouch will hold more than one full poop bag.  This will allow for a much more pleasurable and safer outing with your pet.

  • It will carry your hand sanitizer, inverted and ready, in an interior pocket.

After handling your dog poop bag, you need to sanitizer your hands.  Dog poop is dangerous to your health.  More than 11 different diseases which cause some rather bothersome but also serious symptoms, such as blindness, can be caused by canine feces.  Having your hand sanitizer readily available in your dog bag will help eliminate these risks to your health and the health of those close to you.

  • It will carry your dog treats.

Having treats readily available is helpful in training your dog as well as bonding with a special treat in already well-trained pets.  Having treats always available and protected in your bag will eliminate the need to remember them and to stuff them in your pockets.

  • It will carry your training supplies.

Perhaps you use a clicker or a whistle to train your pet.  The handy pockets will conveniently hold your gadgets.

  • It will carry your park passes, wallet, cell phone, keys or flashlight.

Whatever you may choose to carry in your pockets or by hand can be conveniently carried in your unique dog bag.  The handy side clip can hold your keys, flashlight or a bag dispenser.

Your $7 Dog Bag Will Carry It All

Go to Dog Poop Bags Holder Ordering to choose yours in your favorite color and size.

Consider this convenient, discreet and sanitary way to assist you when you are out with your pet.  Everything that you used to carry in your pockets or by hand can now be conveniently carried in your unique dog bag.