Dog Bags For Poop For Picking Up Dog Waste

Dog bags for poop are needed for picking up dog waste.  These poop bags can be used to easily and safely pick up the waste.  The contaminated surface of the bag can then be turned to the inside leaving the exterior clean and free of waste and germs.  The dog bag can be placed in the poop pouch to protect it from breakage and also discreetly hide it’s ugliness from our eyes and the eyes of others.  It is difficult to obtain this protection from the ugliness, but more importantly from the poop itself and also from the disease-carrying properties of the dog waste if using a poop scooper.  In that case, the contaminated surfaces and dog poop would be exposed and easily available for passing on the feces and germs to ourselves and others.  Dog bags and a dog poop bags holder are the easiest and most sanitary way to pick up dog waste.

Picking up dog waste is of course not our favorite pastime.  But it must be done each and every time we are out with our canine companion.  Our pets will never fail to do their part of the job.  We all realize that not picking up dog waste will cause problems for others who may step in it.  Our best friend’s poop will then cover the soles of the victim’s shoe and then possibly be tracked into homes, businesses or vehicles.  Removing dog poop from hardwood or vinyl floors is certainly disgusting, but removing it from carpets becomes a very difficult job.  This includes the immense difficulty of removing it from the carpet of vehicles.  And after spending the time, money and efforts to remove the feces from flooring, others still have to spend additional resources in the difficult job of removing it from their shoes.  When we leave dog waste lay where it was deposited and fail at picking it up, we invite these disgusting, difficult, expensive and unneeded situations upon others.  Our laziness or dislikes will make other’s lives miserable.

In addition, we could invite even larger turmoil upon others.  Dog waste with its huge load of bacteria and possible parasites, including five worms, is a common carrier of over 11 diseases.  These diseases could be contracted by others who come in contact with the waste.  This could include direct contact or maybe the job of trying to remove it from shoes.  This may include children, the elderly or handicapped or persons who are in poor health already.  This may also include the pets of others.  Greatly damaging the health of others would be a very sad result of our not picking up our dog waste.

The other dangerous effect on many other souls would be our additional contribution to the pollution of our waters.  A single gram of dog waste contains 23 million coliform bacteria.  This is a huge number and is the reason why dog poop is ranked number 4 on the list of pollutants in contaminated water.  Many beaches are closed because dog waste has contributed to the high bacteria level.  Scientists have devised methods to determine the origin of fecal bacteria contaminating our waters.  One of the common methods is a variant of DNA fingerprinting.  Another of the new methods looks at the antibiotic resistance of microbes from different animal species.  Scientists can use these new methods to confirm the studies indicating the significant threat to our waterways, lakes and beaches that can be blamed on the poop that is left lying rather than picked up.

Dog Bags For Poop and Poop Pouch

Best For Picking Up Dog Waste

It is important that we realize our choice of not picking up dog waste will affect many other people in many profound ways.  We simply must fulfill our responsibility as a pet owner.  Using dog bags for poop is the best way to easily, safely and conveniently fulfill those responsibilities.  Our dog bags will always be readily available in our unique poop pouch, so we simply remove one when needed.  We invert, scoop, re-invert, tie tightly and simply place in the interior pocket of our dog poop bags holder.  If our pet needs to pass waste once again, we are ready with another bag and have room in our pouch for its inclusion once it is full.  Our bags are discreetly carried and also protected from breakage or leakage while being carried in our poop bags holder.  This would have certainly not been the case if we were carrying them exposed by dangling in our hands or tied and swinging from our leashes.  We have fulfilled our responsibility in a discreet and convenient manner and we have helped ensure the health, safety and well-being of others.

After using our dog bags for poop, we also must always remember to sanitize our hands.  Being aware of the disease carrying properties of dog poop, we must always make sure no germs are present to sicken ourselves or others.  Even if we feel we didn’t touch anything, we must wash our hands, just as we do after using toilet facilities.  Since we are away from soap and water, using hand sanitizer is our only option.  Having this sanitizer available in our convenient poop pouch makes this job simple and routine.  It is already inverted in the side pocket, so all that is needed is to flip the cap and simply press against the pocket, and a drop will be expelled into our palm.  Simply disbursing it over our hands will then give us complete protection from possible germs or parasites.  We are then free to eat or hold hands with our child as we continue on with our pet.

In addition to our dog bags for poop and hand sanitizer, our poop pouch will also carry other needed items.  There are available pockets for dog training supplies, treats, park passes, our wallet and cell phone and more.  Having room for these necessities will help us avoid having to shove everything into our pockets as we head out the door.  Our dog poop bags holder will hold everything we feel we may need.

Picking up dog waste will become a responsibility that we may never learn to cherish, but a task that will become simple and routine.  Always using dog bags for poop along with our dog poop bags holder will make this possible.  Wag’n’Load, our unique poop pouch will definitely ensure that this will happen.