Dog Bags For Poop To Avoid Fines

You better be prepared with your dog bags for poop when out walking Fido.  The fines are increasing everywhere.  Check out your local laws.  Maybe consider buying an insurance policy to pay the fines if you refuse to use your poop bags.  There must certainly be such a policy available, considering  the huge fines in some communities.

Since 1960, the U.S. pet dog population has now more than tripled.  The record 2010 estimate is 78.2 million.  This is more than pigs, sheep and horses combined.  Only cattle and cats outnumber the canine pets.  At an average of three-quarters of a pound per day of dog waste, waste production per dog will come to 274 pounds per year.  This amounts to a whopping 10.9 million tons dropped on our landscape every year.  By most estimates, only half is picked up with dog poop bags.  The left remains where it plopped.  Something needs to be done.  Education is continuing and fines are increasing

Although fines are as low as $250 in New York and $319 in San Francisco, they increase to $700 in London, $1000 in Colorado and $2000 in New Jersey.

These fines are for those in large cities, small cities and also mountain parks.  Summit County in Colorado is levying huge fines against those who do not use dog poop bags.  Every spring they have been left with the same problem as the snow melts — dog poop everywhere.  It is in the middle of trails, around the parking areas at the trailheads, in the fields and on the walkways.  The native plants are dying because of the high nitrogen content of dog waste.  They have tried educating, providing dog bags for poop, and will now resort to fines.  It is now the law, both in Breckenridge and in Summit County.

It is the law wherever you go.  New ways to catch the poop scofflaws have also been developed. We may have heard of the hidden video cameras to catch those who look the other way when their dog does their daily business.  In addition, two popular vacation destinations are now requiring DNA registration of all dogs.

The tiny island of Capri in western Italy and San Sebastian, Spain now require all dogs to have blood samples drawn to add to their DNA database.  A sample of all dog poop that is found lying around is sent to the laboratory to track down the irresponsible dog owner who declined to use poop bags to pick up the dog feces.  The owner will then be fined – 2,000 Euros in Capri and 300 Euros in San Sebastian.  This is $2651 and $433 in US dollars.  The mayor and city councils are hoping that this will turn the tide in helping to keep their vacation resorts pristine and safe for those who spend their hard-earned dollars there.

Speaking of dollars, spending on supplies and services for pets continues to set records.  It is forecast to hit $50 billion this year.  This makes it the eighth largest retail sector – smaller than food and autos, but bigger than hardware, toys and candy.

Inexpensive Dog Bags for Poop

is The Solution For Dog Poop Pickup

Considering the dollars that pet owners have to spend, purchasing an inexpensive item to help handle dog poop seems like a very reasonable consideration and request.  Dog waste needs to be picked up.  Dog poop bags must be used in the stylish way.  We must make this job that is dictated by law, easy, convenient, discreet and sanitary.  Using Wag’n’Load, the fashionable way to handle their dog bags for poop and other dog accessories, will allow dog owners to meet their responsibilities and to avoid fines.