Dog Gift Ideas

Consider getting a dog gift for that new dog owner.  With the huge variety of dog accessories now on the market, your choices are unlimited.  It is not necessary to spend a lot of money, because it is really the thought that counts.  Just remembering your friend and their new canine companion will certainly be appreciated.

Here are a few gift ideas for you to consider:

1) A dog collar is always needed.  A collar made of high quality soft leather or nylon is the best choice.  Stay away from chain collars.  Make sure you purchase a dog collar with enough growth room.

2) A dog leash is a great dog gift.  Nylon or cotton weave are the best choices.  Stay away from leather or a chain dog leash.

Wag’n’Load Dog Bag Is A Great Dog Gift

3) A dog bag is a fantastic dog gift.  This is the new and unique way to hold the dog poop bags when they are both empty and full of dog poop.  Wag’n’Load can be attached to both the leash and the belt-loops which makes it very versatile.  It also comes in a variety of sizes and colors and has a side pocket for hand sanitizer which is a real necessity when handling dog poop.

Dog bag has side clip for dog poop bags dispenser

Side clip for dog poop bags dispenser

4)  A canine bed will be appreciated.  Consider a bed filled with poly-beads or with a removable outer cover for easier washing.

5) Dog bowls are available in a wide variety of choices.  Two bowls will be needed – one for food and the other for water.  Consider stainless steel bowls for their indestructibility and washing simplicity.

6) Clothing and jewelry make unique dog gifts for those special owners.  Many dogs today are being pampered by their owners and you will know if your friend falls in this category.  If so, the variety of clothing and jewelry will allow you to have a bit of fun in choosing your gift.

7) Toys and treat jars chosen for a dog gift also allow for a fun shopping experience.  Some treat jars can even be personalized.

8)A nail trimming set, including instructions, is definitely a more functional dog gift.

9) Personalized picture frames, calendars, coffee cups, and t-shirts are all dog gifts that will be appreciated in addition to the many dog accessories noted above.

Recognizing the new canine addition to your friend’s life is really all that matters.  It is simply the thought that counts.  Enjoy the wide selection of dog accessories available and have fun choosing your dog gift!