Dog Park Accessory

Wag’n’Load is a unique dog park accessory that can also be used with no leash at all at the dog park.  These truly remarkable dog waste bags can be carried on your belt or belt-loops or simply carried like a purse.   Rather than carrying  “loaded” poop bags for all to see, use this truly unique dog bag for your dog’s business.  Wag’n’Load is also a fantastic dog leash accessory.  Either way, Wag’n’Load adds a bit of convenience to your life.

Dog waste bags carried on dog park accessory

Carried on belt or belt loops

Carrying dog waste bags as dog park accessory

Simply carried by hand




 Maybe you don’t use a leash with your dog?  Possibly you are at a dog park where your dog can run free.  Or maybe your dog is trained to stay by your side even off of a dog leash when you are out for a walk.  Congratulations on that great training!

So if walking hands-free with your dog is your preferred option, than this unique dog bag will still be quite useful.  It can be easily attached to your belt or to your belt-loops.  All of its terrific properties are still easily accessible for your convenience.

If you prefer not to attach anything to yourself or your dog leash, Wag’n’Load can also be carried like a handbag. Or it can be discreetly carried in a coat pocket.  Protection from your full dog waste bags would be a pleasant advantage of using this ideal dog park accessory.



Carrying this unique dog bag when out walking gives a much more discreet appearance than carrying a poop scooper in your hand.  The scooper which actually touches the dog waste definitely has the potential to carry and spread disease.  Wag’n’Load protects you and others from these health issues, while also displaying a much more pleasurable view than a poop scooper.  Your care and concern for others as a responsible dog owner will be visible to many who see you carrying this extraordinary dog bag.



If you use Wag’n’Load at a dog park, you may be placing your full dog waste bags in the trash receptacles rather than back in the dog bag.  You will then have room for more dog training supplies, treats, park passes, or other gadgets in addition to your store of empty plastic bags or gloves.  Or you may be using the handy clip for your poop bags dispenser, flashlight or car keys.  This exceptional dog waste bags carrier will be well appreciated at your dog park – it is a dog park accessory that you will truly appreciate.