Dog Poop Bag Carrier

Dog waste and apple eating do not mix very well.  Also, dog waste and hand-holding, kisses or carrying a cup of coffee.  And why?  Well, isn’t it obvious?  Yet, we continue to canter down the same old path that we have been on for eons…. well at least since we started picking up dog poop.  Finally, a dog poop bag carrier to the rescue!

$7.00 Dog Poop Bag Carrier Solves Everything

Now, your bags are ready in your carrier.  You don’t have to always remember them and stuff them in your pockets when heading out for your favorite walk.  Your dog waste bag carrier is either attached to your leash wherever you want, hanging from your belt-loops or dangling from your hand.

So scoop the poop like you always do and simply place it in the inner expandable compartment of the dog poop bag carrier.  Convenient and Discreet.   And if you need to add more than one loaded bag there is room for that too.

Side clip for dog poop bags dispenser

Side clip for dog poop bags dispenser

Now Wash Your Hands!

I know, you didn’t touch anything…. or did you?  Do you really want to hold that apple?  Or your child’s hand?  Or your lover’s face?  It was a fashionably clad woman holding her cup of coffee in one hand and swinging bag of dog poop in the other hand that led to the idea of Wag’n’Load.  So let’s do it right, OK?

Simply flip open the lid on the inverted bottle of hand sanitizer on the side of the dog poop bag carrier and dispense a drop into your palm, rub over your hands, and know you are now clean.  And ready to continue your day doing what you love.

Dog Training Supplies and Hand Sanitizer Carried

Exterior inverted pocket carries hand sanitizer

What Else Does it Hold?

Your wallet, park passes, cell phone, training gadgets and treats.  In addition your car keys, a small flashlight, additional training toys or a dog poop bag dispenser will attach to the handy clip on the side.

Easily attached to top of dog leash

Easily attached to top of dog leash

You Are Ready

The future has arrived and you are ready for something new.  You have stopped doing things the old way and have discovered a new and easier way to carry dog waste.   A Convenient, Discreet and Sanitary way to pick up and carry dog poop.  You are a model for your family and your neighbors.  The presence of Wag’n’Load will prove that you are responsible and know how to now take care of dog poop.  Your life has changed for the better with your new dog poop bag carrier.