Dog Poop Bag Holder and New Babies

Not yet speaking about your use of your dog poop bag holder, is it possible that your family dog was your first baby?  Has he been the one who has received your time, attention and devotion?  You have had time for playing, romping, feeding brushing and petting.  Most importantly you have had time to explore the great outdoors on your daily walks.  All of this will certainly change when you add a new human baby to the pack.

Children and dogs can make wonderful companions for each other.  They can become the best of friends.  But sometimes the first “baby” will have some trouble adjusting when the first human baby arrives.  Dogs may occasionally lash out at the change in the family structure.  Your pet’s reaction may just be one of caution when the new baby arrives home.  It may take a few days for him to become comfortable with the new smells and sounds and the shift in attention.  There are ways that you can help with this.


1)  Try to slowly expose your canine friend to children before your new baby arrives home.  This will be a good barometer for you and also help your pet get used to these strange little creatures.


2) Familiarize your pet to all of the new things in the home.  New babies come with a lot of stuff…..swings, cribs, changing tables, diaper pails, rocking chairs, playpens, strollers, etc.  Set things up and use them a bit.  Hang out in the rocking chair and turn on the swing and musical toys and let them run.  You could even do all of this while toting a little baby doll around.  Take your dog for a walk while pushing your stroller – the neighbors may wonder, but you could tell them you are teaching your pet.  Strap your dog poop bag holder to the handle of the stroller where it will be convenient for you.  All of this will help familiarize your pet with the many changes in the house and in your routine.  Also, teach your pet any new boundaries such as the nursery and the crib, so that they will get used to the fact that there are new limits to their space.


3)  Continue to train your dog.  If your canine companion always understands that the command structure of your pack is still in place and will never change, he will be much easier to handle.  It will be much less stressful on him when he realizes that even though there may be a lot of new things happening; mom and dad will still run their same tight ship.  Bringing home a new baby will only add to a pet’s confusion if they are confused by their owner’s expectations.  Dog training helps eliminate that confusion.  Your dog must know who is in charge.


4)  Continue to share your love with your pet.  Dogs can easily get cast to the side as kids and new commitments via for an increasing share of your time.  However, no matter how busy your new life gets, it is important to find some time to give love and attention to your first baby.  As your human baby continues to grow they will be able to assist you with this.  Schedule family activities that will include your pet and that will help encourage bonding with your child.  Going for a hike, going swimming or even rolling a ball in the front yard are all family activities a dog would enjoy and would help bonding with the whole family.


5)  Although your first baby may appear as gentle as a lamb, you should still err on the side of caution for a little while.  When you first arrive home with your new baby, slowly get settled and then provide introductions.  Your dog will be very curious.  Continue to remember that you are in charge.  Do not let your pet jump on or into the baby’s crib.  Always be present when they are near each other.  As your babies grow and get used to each other, they will likely develop a very deep love for each other.


6) Continue on your daily walks.  Exploring the great outdoors with both of your babies will help refresh all of you.  Your dog will experience this adventure as your devotion and attention to him.  Your baby, who is well-protected from temperature extremes, will enjoy the new environment, views, smells and sounds that will continue to add the benefits that all new experiences accomplish.  You will be refreshed by the changes, fresh air and get-away from your new and overwhelming responsibilities.  A little time away will enrich all of you.  You want your hand sanitizer to be easily accessible.  You can now use this sanitizer whether your task involves picking up dog poop or your brand new task of changing a diaper.  Continue to strap your dog poop bag holder to your stroller handle for easy access.  Life has changed with a new baby, so all convenient routines are appreciated.