Dog Poop Bags Carrier – A New Example

Why is carrying our dog poop bags down the street accepted by so many of us?  Maybe because it is the only way we have known?  Of could it be that we are proud of our full dog waste bags?  Or maybe we are proud of our poop scooper?

Dog Poop Bags/Poop Scooper – A Statement to All

This reminds us of a neat quote: “Example is a language all humanity can read”.  So what is humanity reading by our full poop bags or our poop scooper?  That we are responsible dog owners, of course!  That we took the time to carry our waste bags, took the time to scoop up our dog poop, and finally are now taking the time to carry it with us.  We care about our neighbors, our environment and the health or others – people and animals included.  So we are proud!  And we are showing our example for all to see.

Well, consider this new example – Wag’n’load, your unique dog pouch, attached to your leash.  Or maybe it is attached to your belt or belt-loops.  And think of this – it is always visible, whether it is carrying full dog poop bags or not.  So your example is always visible to others.  And we should always feel proud when carrying it.  Because, by carrying it, we will always be prepared to pick up our dog waste.  We are indeed concerned about our community, about our environment and about our health and the health of other people.  And this example is obvious by having Wag’n’Load visible to all.

So we can continue carrying our full poop bags or poop scooper down the street as an example for all to read.  Or we can consider a new example for everyone.  We can have our handy dog pouch always visible for all to see.  It will always be carrying our dog training supplies, our empty dog waste bags, our hand sanitizer and other necessities.  And at times it may be carrying our full dog poop bags.  But whatever it is carrying, it is an example that speaks to all of humanity – we are responsible dog owners and responsible citizens.