Dog Poop Bags Carrier – Its Time Has Come

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an Idea whose time has come”.  Isn’t this the truth?  We have all experienced those “new ideas” in the recent past.  Such as computers or cell phones.  Ideas where we can hardly even remember those days or ways before them.  Wag’n’Load, our unique dog poop bags carrier can be placed directly in this category of “new ideas”.

And just like a strong army, eventually the wave will push through to all.  People will realize the convenience, safeness and necessity of this unique dog pouch and wonder what took them so long.  Sort of like the way some people still react to cell phones and computers.  It takes a bit longer for some people to realize the advantages apparent in the new ideas and how they can simplify our lives.  They have done things in a certain fashion for so long, that they don’t question its effectiveness.  Or they just have great difficulty in making changes in their lives.  They have carried a poop scooper or their dog poop bags dangling from their hand or leash for so long, that they think that is the only way.  They have never used hand sanitizer after handling dog poop, so that is the right way.  It may take some longer, but eventually most will see the error of their thinking and unsafeness of their ways.  Wag’n’Load, the discreet dog waste bags carrier, will eventually prevail.

Dog Poop Bags Carrier – It’s Time!

And when then happens, what a site to behold.  We will see people walking down the streets with this handy dog pouch attached to their leashes.  Either down by the collar or up by the hand or mid-leash – wherever convenient.  Others will prefer to carry it on their belt or belt-loops.  Still others may want to carry it like a handbag.  But can you imagine?  That is all we will see!  No more people carrying a poop scooper – we know what that touches!  No more yucky dog poop bags dangling from peoples fingers.  No more poop bags bouncing on leashes.  No more staying conveniently away from this yuckiness or wondering which bags may break next.  And no more judging others who carry nothing at all because they don’t plan to pick up their dog poop.  Nope – everyone will have this unique dog waste bags carrier so all will be judged as being responsible dog owners prepared to conveniently, discreetly and safely pick up their dog waste.  Won’t that be great?  Its time has come!