Dog Poop Bags Choices For Poop

Wag’n’Load will accept any type of plastic bags or any dog bags for poop.  You can choose your own bags or use a poop bags dispenser geared for dog waste.  A handy clip is available to attach all types of dispensers with dog poop bags. Replace the unsightliness of a plastic bag hanging from your leash or dangling from your hand.  With Wag’n’Load, tuck your bags full of dog poop in the interior pockets.  There are also pockets for dog training  supplies.  Taking care of your dog’s business in a convenient, discreet and sanitary manner.

Dog bag has side clip for dog poop bags dispenser

Side clip for dog poop bags dispenser



You can still use whatever plastic bags that you are comfortable with for scooping up your dog’s feces.  If you use a disposal grocery store bag, you can continue with that.  Or you may prefer a cheap plastic sandwich bag, and that works too.  Some prefer purchasing dog waste bags, such as the biodegradable dog poop bags and these all can be used with Wag’n’Load.  Others prefer using the actual bag dispensing unit.  There is a clip on the side of this unique dog bag that will hold you poop bags dispenser.


You must use your plastic bags correctly in picking up dog poop, as dog feces are common carriers of over 11 diseases.  Simply turn the plastic bag inside out, pick up the fecal material, re-invert bag, and seal it tightly.

Others prefer to use disposable latex gloves for picking up dog waste.  These gloves can be purchased at any hardware store, drugstore, or farm implement store.  After the dog poop is picked up, take off the glove by inverting it over the fecal matter.   Then tie the top together tightly.


Then your plastic bags. dog bags for poop or gloves, which have been carried in the handy pockets in Wag’n’Load can be returned to the expandable interior pocket of this discreet dog bag.  The soft, smelly poop bags are now out of sight and protected by the soft vinyl-coated nylon fabric of Wag’n’Load.  You have prevented the possibility of breakage and exposing yourself or your children to the disease-carrying properties of your dog’s waste.  You have also removed the vision of an ugly bag of dog poop hanging from your dog leash or hand.


Always remember to wash your hands after handling dog waste, even if you don’t feel you “touched” anything.  Care, sanitation and cleanliness are quite important when dealing with dog poop bags.  Carrying a 2 oz bottle of hand sanitizer inverted in the handy side pocket is a great option if you are away from soap and water.


What could be more convenient, more discreet or more sanitary in carrying your poop bags?  And you must take care of this always.  Picking up dog poop is not fun.  But this is what dogs do and it is our responsibility as dog owners to pick up our dog’s fecal matter.  Not only to obey our laws but also to protect others who could come in contact with our dog’s waste.  So having Wag’n’Load, your unique dog waste bags holder, visible for all to see will not only help you attend to your dog’s business, it will hide and protect your dog poop bags, those dog bags for poop that you have used.  It will also label you as a responsible dog owner.  Now what could be finer than that?  Please contact us with any questions.