Dog Poop Bags & Germs

We must be aware of the many germs we encounter when using our dog poop bags to pick up dog poop.  In our health-conscious world, we are all aware of the many diseases and illnesses possible, but very few realize the harmful effects of dog waste.  Whether using a poop scooper or dog waste bags, we must be well educated in how to do so safely.

Using poop bags is obviously the safest option, because whatever touches the dog waste can be folded upon itself and remains on the inside of the bag.  If we pick up the feces and then invert the bag over our fist and strongly tie it, nothing will remain exposed.  This is certainly not the case with a poop scooper.  If we use this accessory, whatever touches the waste is still exposed and the possibility of touching this or rubbing it against our clothes or ourselves is very real.  So unless we sanitizer the scooper after using it, we should not even consider this option.

Dog Poop Bags Still Carry Health Risks

But even when using the dog poop bags, we still risk the possibility of coming in contact with the health dangers of dog poop.  Dog waste is a common carrier of 11 different diseases, including Salmonellosis, Cryptosporidiosis, Campylobacteriosis, Giardiasis, as well as parasitic diseases caused by whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, heartworms and tapeworms.  This is much more dangerous and likely than contracting a disease from our toilet usage, but we always wash our hands after using the toilet.  So we should definitely wash our hands after handling pet feces.  Even if we are using a dog waste bags to pick it up, we risk the possibility of a slight tear or opening that we are not aware of and coming in contact with the many germs in the poop.  So we should not risk that chance.  We must wash our hands with soap and water immediately after using dog waste bags.  If we are not near soap and water, then we must immediately use hand sanitizer.

This is another great reason why Wag’n’Load is way ahead of the times.  There is a side pocket that holds an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer so that it is readily available for usage.  All we need to do is flip the cap of the sanitizer and give a slight squeeze to the pocket and out the dab comes into our palm.  We don’t even need to remove the hand sanitizer from the pocket to use it.  This makes is so easy to use and so easy to remember to use.  So always after bagging our dog poop and containing it in our dog poop bags and placing those in the interior pockets of our dog pouch, we must immediately sanitize our hands.  And say goodbye to germs!