Dog Poop Bags Holder An Excellent Gift for New Dog Owners

If you know a new dog owner, consider gifting them with a dog poop bags holder.  You will provide them with a new and better way of handling dog waste.  They will be delighted with their gift and with your sincerity and intelligence in discovering such a great new way of fulfilling their new responsibilities with their canine companion.

A new dog owner may only have witnessed the old way of picking up dog waste.  So that is all they know.  Their dog poop bags holder will instruct them in the new way.

Dog Poop Bags Holder Easily Attached

They can attach this poop pouch to their leash in whatever position they prefer.  They may want it up near the loop where their hand is.  Or they may prefer it to be attached down near the collar of their pet.  They may decide to attach it mid-leash.  They can easily change the position of their dog poop bags holder at any time.

Maybe your friend prefers to attach their dog pouch to their belt of belt-loops.  Or they may decide to simply place it in a pocket or possibly just carry it as a handbag.  All options are available at all times.

No matter how the dog poop bags holder is carried, it will still be able to accomplish its job of carrying everything the new pet owner needs.  It will fulfill their needs for picking up dog waste and so much more.

Their poop pouch will carry whatever empty poop bags they prefer.  It will carry and protect from rips authentic dog poop bags, biodegradable bags, sandwich or zip lock bags or free grocery bags.  There is even a handy clip available for a dog poop bags dispenser if that is their preference.

Once the dog poop has been picked up with the poop bag, it can be discreetly placed into an interior pocket of Wag’n’Load.  The dog poop bag is now protected from breakage or rips.  It is also discreetly carried – a much more pleasant vision than the ugly bag of dog poop dangling from leash or hand.

There is also a pocket for a 2 oz bottle of hand sanitizer in their poop pouch.  The new owner will get in the habit of sanitizing their hands after handling dog waste.  This is a good practice to learn right from the start.  The world is slowly learning about the many germs, worms and diseases present in dog poop and about the need to sanitize hands after handling dog poop bags.  Instruct your friend regarding this if they don’t know and impress upon them the importance of always using their hand sanitizer.  They will be glad that you are so knowledgeable about these important facts.

Their poop bags holder will also conveniently hold so much more for the new owner.  It will carry their dog training supplies, treats, park passes, wallet, cell phone and more.  Then handy clip will also hold keys or a flashlight.  Everything is available at their fingertips when they are out walking with their new canine friend.

A new dog will change the owner’s life in many positive ways.  But it will also bring new responsibilities upon them.  Your friend will certainly enjoy a gift that makes one of those responsibilities so much easier – your gift of a new dog poop bags holder.  They will thank you for discovering this unique new poop pouch which brings convenience, discreetness and safety to their lives.