Dog Poop Bags Holder For Picking Up Dog Waste

A dog poop bags holder will be helpful in picking up dog waste.  This unique poop pouch will carry all that we need for this everyday task.  In addition, it will help us accomplish this necessary job in a convenient, sanitary and discreet manner.  Anything that can help make our lives easier, safer and more pleasant is a true gift to us and our loved ones.

The poop pouch is convenient because it will hold all that we need to accomplish our task.  And more!  But first things first.  For picking up dog waste, it will carry our poop bags – both empty and full.  Rather than searching for our bags when we decide to walk our canine companion, we now know they will be always safely stored in our dog poop bags holder.  They will be stored protected in one of the interior pockets to eliminate the chance of tearing or weakening the walls.  This is not something we can be assured of when we simply stuff them in our pockets.  So having our empty poop bags stored in our pouch not only adds to the convenience factor, but also to the safely factor.

Our pouch can be always attached to our leash in whatever position we desire.  This position can be changed as we desire.  It can be attached near the clip of the leash or far up near the loop that we grasp.  It can be attached in the middle of the leash.  It will also easily attach to retractable leashes.  If we choose not to use a leash we also have several carrying options.  We can attach Wag’n’Load to our belt or our belt-loops.  We can place it in a jacket pocket.  Or we can simply carry it as a handbag.  Whatever way we prefer to carry it, our option can be changed whenever we so choose.  But our necessities, including poop bags will always be conveniently and safely stored and ready for usage.

Picking Up Dog Waste Made Easier With

Dog Poop Bags Holder

When our companion makes a mess, we simply remove one of the bags from the pocket, invert it, pick up the feces, re-invert it, tie a knot and place the poop bag back into our poop pouch.  Simple, easy, discreet.  If our friend would pass more feces, we simply repeat the process.  Our dog poop bags holder can hold more than one bag.  The poop bags will now be protected as we continue our walk.  They will be stored in an interior pocket and the chance of breakage, rips or tears will be eliminated.  This is not something we could count on if we were walking down the street carrying our bag full of poop or if we had attached it to our leash, leaving it dangling and swinging as we walked.  This sight is not only ugly, but also unsafe to many who could possibly come in contact with the poop.  Carrying our full dog poop bags in Wag’n’Load is definitely a safe and discreet way to carry them and assist us in picking up dog waste.

Recognizing the disease carrying properties and germs present in dog waste is now the norm.  Washing our hands after handling dog poop is only good common sense, just as the common sense we learned as youngsters after using the toilet.  If we are away from soap and water, then hand sanitizer is our only option.  Having an inverted bottle of sanitizer readily available in a side pocket of our dog poop bags holder is a true gift.  We simply remove the cap, exert slight pressure on the side of the pocket and catch the small dab of hand sanitizer in our palm.  Then we rub it over our hands and can now freely grab that cookie to eat.  Or grab a hold of a grandchild’s hand.  Or rub our eyes.  We now know that the germs and possible parasites in the dog waste will not be passed on to us or to others.  Our poop pouch definitely provides sanitary assistance in picking up dog waste.

In addition to its obvious help in dog waste pick-up, Wag’n’Load also conveniently assists us in many other ways.  It has extra pockets for dog training supplies, treats, park passes, our cell phone, wallet, or other necessities.  It also provides the handy side clip for our keys, flashlight or dog poop bags dispenser.  These great convenience factors only add to all of the great benefits of our handy poop pouch.

There are now so very many dog accessories available.  Just searching online will boggle our minds.  There are canine sweaters, jackets, dresses and t-shirts.  There are many designer and luxury fashions. And that is just the many varieties of clothing.  There is also a super abundance of jewelry and toys and bowls and treat jars and feeders.  There are carriers and beds and pottery and a huge assortment of gifts, including holiday gifts.  And of course there is the gigantic supply of collars and leashes and harnesses.  The world has certainly changed in the last couple decades.  So why do so many people continue to carry their poop bags in the old-fashioned way?  We see their dogs all spoofed up in the latest garments and we see their owners lugging the full bags of poop down the street.  Or we see the dog poop bags tied or wrapped around the designer leashes.  It is time for them to come out of the cave and move into the future.  It is time for them to add a simple and cheap dog poop bags holder to their purchase list. $7 will change their lives.

Picking up dog waste will never be fun.  But by using poop bags and a great dog poop bags holder, it will be much easier.  In addition, Wag’n’Load, our unique poop pouch will make it more convenient, discreet and sanitary.  So maybe having fun isn’t really as important as we sometimes give it credit for.