Dog Poop Bags – New is Good

A new way of carrying our dog poop bags can only be good.  We all love being outdoors with our pets, but we also know we must constantly be prepared to pick up their dog poop.  So we must also be prepared by carrying our empty dog waste bags at all times.  Having them always available in our new dog pouch is very convenient.  So we don’t have to remember every time we step out the door – they are in Wag’n’Load, which is either attached to our leash or ready to be attached to our belt or belt-loops.  Old was forgetful.  New is convenient and good.

So when our pet decides to leave a few droppings on the ground, we are ready with our poop bags.  We remove them from our pouch, scoop up the dog waste and then return them to our dog pouch.  We no longer need to carry the dog poop bags openly down the street for all to see and avoid.  Old was ugly.  New is discreet and good.

In addition, a slight bumping or scraping of the full dog waste bags carries with it the very real potential of a tear or rip in the bag.  And considering the bacteria, parasites, worms and eggs present in dog poop, this possible exposure to ourselves or others is not something that we would want to risk.  So protecting the waste bags in our new pouch is definitely a much safer option.  Old was dangerous.  New is safe and good.

After we have handled the dog poop bags, we must immediately sanitize our hands.  Just like after we use the toilet, even if we feel we didn’t “touch anything”.  And the possibility of us or others incurring disease from our toileting habits is much, much less likely than the potential of catching disease from dog poop.  Dog waste is a common carrier of 11 disease and 5 of these diseases are caused by worms or their eggs.  So it only makes sense to sanitize our hands after handling the dog waste bags.  And having our bottle of hand sanitizer conveniently inverted in our unique doggie bag allows it to be easily and readily available to us.  One quick squirt into the palm of our hands and a quick scrub and our hands are clean.  Old was dirty.  New is sanitary and good.

Having additional pockets for other needed supplies is also a great feature of Wag’n’Load.  Dog training supplies, treats, park passes, wallets, cell phones or other needs are conveniently carried in the interior or exterior pockets.  The handy clip will hold keys, a flashlight or a dog poop bags dispenser.  All of these items could be stuffed into our pockets too, but this handy pouch allows all to be easily, neatly and readily carried.  Old was disorganized.  New is organized and good.

Dog Poop Bags – Easier is Good

This new and unique dog pouch will make our lives easier is so many ways – in being more convenient, discreet, safe, sanitary and organized.  And this is all good.  Consider the new way of handling dog waste bags.  Never carry your dog poop bags the old way again.  Because new is always good.