Dog Poop Bags & Responsibility

“Those who shrink from responsibilities keep on shrinking in other ways as well”

Isn’t this the truth?  Especially concerning our responsibility to use dog poop bags to protect our environment, our communities and our health and the health of others.  Not to mention an additional motive – that it is the law!

Dog waste which is not scooped up using poop bags or a poop scooper is then washed into our water supply.  Recent studies which use a variant of DNA fingerprinting have indicated that dog poop is now third on the list of contributors to the pollution in our waters.   One microbiologist in California commented, “And that can be the difference between a beach closing and a beach not closing”.

Picking up pet waste from our sidewalks and streets also ensures the appearance of our communities.  The ugly, stinky feces must be picked up and placed in our dog waste bags and not left for someone else to step in and track into their homes or vehicles.  As responsible pet owners and citizens, this is something we must always do.

Health Concerns Indicate Dog Poop Bags

Beats Poop Scooper

A single gram of dog waste contains 23 million fecal coliform bacteria with the potential to pass on 11 known diseases.  These include diseases not only caused by bacteria, but also by parasites, including 5 different types of worms.  So scooping up pet feces safely into dog poop bags is a responsibility that must be met in order to protect ourselves and others, including other animals, from the harmful effects of the waste.  And of course using our hand sanitizer every single time is an important responsibility that we must never neglect.

Finally, picking up dog waste is the law in almost every city or community.  Fines for not picking up after our pets range from $100 in New York to $750 in London.  We know these fines will only increase with time as the damaging effects of dog poop become better understood.

Sadly, despite our obvious responsibilities as pet owners, only 41% of dog owners pick up after their pets.  One recent study in Los Angeles indicated that 82,000 times per month, an owner did not pick up the droppings from his pet.  Obviously, more education and possibly higher fines are needed.

We must also continue to set a good example for others by always carrying Wag’n’Load, our discreet pouch for carrying our empty and full dog waste bags.  Possibly if enough other people observe us always being ready to pick up dog poop, and then actually being responsible enough to use our dog poop bags, then they will eventually be prompted to follow our example.