Dog Pouch Tips and Training

Our new dog pouch is certainly appreciated.  We know it carries our dog poop bags for us.  But are we aware of all of its many benefits for us?  Possibly we need some new tips and training on how best to use its plentiful functions.

1)  It will carry our empty dog poop bags or gloves.  However we choose to pick up our dog poop can be easily stored in one of the interior pockets.  If we choose disposable gloves, we can store a supply there.  If we chose store-bought sandwich or free grocery bags, we can tuck in a supply.  If we purchase authentic dog poop bags or biodegradable bags, we can easily place these in the pocket.  Whatever we have chosen, they are ready and waiting for us.

Discreet Dog Pouch

2)  After we scoop up our dog poop with our poop bags and then re-invert it and tie a knot, we simply place the full bag back in one of the interior pockets.  It is tucked away out of sight and out of mind.  In addition, it is now safely secured from bumps or bouncing that may have caused a tear, weakening of spilling of the contents.  Wag’n’n’Load, our new dog pouch has provided a much safer and much more discreet view for everyone.

3)  Now we embark on the really new procedure – we sanitize our hands.  We have not done this before because we obviously have not been thinking clearly about what we have been doing.  Let’s compare it to using our toilet facilities.  We automatically wash our hands with soap and water when finished.  Without even thinking about it, we do this, because that is how we have all been trained.  We must not train ourselves to also sanitizing our hands after handling dog poop.  Dog feces contain many more disease causing organisms than human feces.  These pathogens include bacteria, parasites including worms and their eggs.  We must remove all risks of possibly contacting these pathogens.  Hand sanitizer is obviously our only option if we are away from soap and water.  A small bottle of sanitizer is securely held in an inverted position in a side pocket of our dog pouch.  A simple flip of the lid and squeeze of the pocket will expel a small drop into our palm.  This can be gently caressed over our hands and remove any disease-causing organisms present on our hands.  This is an easy procedure that we must remember and begin immediately.

4) We must be aware of the many other items that can be carried in our pouch.  Dog training supplies, treats, park passes, wallets, cell phones and similar needs can be easily and securely tucked away.  The handy clip will also attach keys, a flashlight or a dog poop bags dispenser.  All of these needed items can be conveniently contained in our dog pouch rather than stuffing them in our pockets or carrying them by hand.

5) We also must investigate the various sizes and colors available for Wag’n’Load.  We can choose our size based on the size of our pet or maybe on the needs that we may have.  The fashionable colors can be chosen to match other accessories or simply may be one of our favorites.  The versatility of the pouch is much appreciated by many.

These new tips and new training methods on enjoying the many advantages of our new and unique dog pouch will be appreciated the longer we use it.  This will all become 2nd nature to us and we will wonder why we ever did things the “old way”.  This new and unique accessory will conveniently, discreetly and safely carry our dog poops bags and much more to ensure that we continue to enjoy our outings with our canine companions.