Dog Waste Bag For Today


Attach this new dog waste bag to your leash and step forward into the future.  The list below will show you how it will benefit you.  You no longer need to carry items by hand or stuff them in your pockets.  Move forward to today and let this dog bag hold everything for you. You will have the option of fastening it to your leash in whatever position you choose.  It also works with retractable leashes.  If you are not using a leash, you can attach it to your belt or belt-loops or simply carry it by hand.  It is available in a variety of sizes and attractive colors to meet your needs.  This waste bag is made of durable, vinyl-backed nylon.  You can simply plop it in the washer if needed, such as after the remote chance that it was dragged through the mud.  We finally have a truly remarkable dog waste bag that will make your life much easier.

1) This dog waste bag will hold all of your empty poop bags.

Now your unfilled waste bags are easily available for you.  You will no longer need to remember to stuff them in your pocket when you head out for your walks.  There is also a handy side clip for a dog poop bags dispenser if you prefer to use this gadget.

2) This unique bag will hold more than one full poop bags.

The interior pocket in your waste bag will protect and discreetly conceal your “loaded” bags of dog waste.  If you have chosen the leash attachment option, your hand will be available for better uses than carrying a “loaded” and ugly bag of canine waste.

3) This dog waste bag will hold your hand sanitizer in a inverted and ready position.

A side pocket will hold your sanitizer.  With one quick squeeze you have protected yourself and others from the numerous risks of dog waste, which include bacteria, worms and other parasites.

4) This convenient dog bag will also hold dog treats and training supplies

Rather than stuffing treats, clickers, whistles or other items in your pockets, they can be readily available in your dog waste bag.

5) This dog waste bag will hold your cards, wallet, cell phone, and more.

The available pockets and handy side clip for your keys, flashlight or dog poop bags dispenser will hold whatever you need when you are out on your walks.

This $7 Dog Waste Bag Will Hold Everything

All that you have been now carrying by hand or in your pockets will be tasks of yesterday, once you begin using this new product.  Today, consider this very convenient, discreet and sanitary method of carrying everything, including dog waste, by taking advantage of this new dog waste bag.