Dog Waste Bags – How Not To

Many of us know the importance of picking up dog waste.  Dog Waste Bags – WHY? We understand the hazards in leaving it lying on the ground – it is a threat to our water, our health, the health of our pets and the health of others and their pets.  And most of us realize the importance of using dog waste bags to accomplish our tasks as a responsible dog owner.  However, many of us do not perform our job correctly or safely.

First of all, we must always be prepared with waste bags.  How often have you taken your pet for a walk and forgotten the bags?  Then what?  Walk away quickly and hope no one noticed you?

Secondly, we must choose the proper bags.  Plastic grocery bags do work well, but occasionally have a tear.  It is very important to use two or maybe even three bags in this case.  Authentic dog waste bags or any plastic bag for that matter works very nicely, but again we must check for holes.  If we decide to carry our bags by stuffing them in our pockets, the possibility of small tears increases.  A dog poop bags dispenser may be the best protection from holes in our bags.  An even better way to carry the bags is to use Wag’n’Load, a dog waste bags carrier. The bags will be protected from friction and the possibility of ripping.  It even has a clip for the dog waste bags dispenser.

Thirdly, we must pick up the waste correctly.  If we scrape or mash the bag against the ground, there is the real possibility of tearing it.  This will also leave more poop remaining on the ground that will cause its own problems.  We must gently and gingerly lift the mess directly up from the surface, trying to leave as little behind as possible.

How Not to Carry Dog Waste Bags

After tying the bag, a big mistake is usually made.  The bag is either tied to the leash or carried by hand.  The possibility of breakage has just increased immensely.  Whether the bag scrapes against the dog, the ground, your body, a building, a tree ….. whatever – – -how often would you walk down the street carrying a bag of your own BM?  Not only disgusting, but very unsafe, although not as unsafe as dog poop.  Protecting this bag of dog waste in a dog waste bags carrier is the only correct choice to make here.  The availability of sizes and colors in this designer bag accomplishes the  job in a fashionable way.  And with the extra pockets available in some for dog training accessories, treats, wallets, keys, etc. their fashion sense rings true.

Finally, the biggest mistake is now almost always made.  We think our job is done.  Wrong.  What do you do after using the toilet?  Right!  You wash your hands.  Now why in the world wouldn’t we do the same thing after handling our dog’s waste?  Because we’re outside you say?  Have you heard of hand sanitizer?  Take it with you!  Better yet, get a dog waste bags carrier that has a pocket for an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer.  And Wag’n’Load is the only dog bag with this option.  Then please use it on your hands.  And then your job is done – correctly and safely.