Dog Waste Bags – HOW?

Using dog waste bags to take care of dog poop is easy.  Dog waste is not a pretty sight or smell, it is a breeder of germs and disease, and it also plays a significant role in water pollution.  We must pick it up.  But how?  And how can we do so safely, so we can ensure our own health?  It is easy!

1)  First of all, make sure you are always prepared with Wag’n’Load.  Have several plastic bags or disposable latex gloves ready in an interior pocket of this fancy dog waste bags carrier.  Plastic grocery bags work great for picking up dog poop.  However, since these bags frequently have a tear or two, it helps to use two bags – one inside the other.  Or you may decide to use authentic dog poop bags or a dog poop bag dispenser.  The dog poop bags dispenser is easily attached to a clip on Wag’n’Load, so the bags are then readily available.  Another option is to use disposable latex gloves which can be purchased at any drugstore or hardware store.

2)  Now comes the pick-up part.  Put your hand into the bag, grab the bottom of the bag with your fingers, and pick up the mess on the ground.  On concrete, gingerly lift it directly up from the surface to leave as little behind as possible.  On grass, make a claw-like circle with your fingers and get as far under the pile as possible and then lift it.  If using disposable gloves, simply pull the glove on to your hand and simply pick up the mess from the concrete or grass the same way as done with the plastic bag.  See Dog Waste Bags – How Not To.

3)  OK, you’ve picked it up, now what?  Use your other hand to pull the top of the bag over your fist, retaining the poop inside the bag.  If using a glove, follow the same motion, actually turning the glove inside-out.

4)  Tie the end of the waste bag or the glove tightly.  Place the entire bag or glove into an interior pocket of Wag’n’Load, your discreet dog waste bags carrier.  It will now be hidden and safely protected to prevent the possibility of breakage.

5) Wag’n’Load is adjustable.  It can be used as a dog leash accessoryor dog park accessory.

6) Always use the hand sanitizer which is inverted and easily located in the side pocket of Wag’n’Load.  As a common carrier of 11 diseases, you never want to take a chance that you “didn’t touch anything” hazardous to your health.  Just as we wash our hands after using the toilet, we must follow this same practice after handling our dog’s waste.  And the easily available bottle of hand sanitizer in Wag’n’Load makes it so simple to use.

Dog Waste Pick-Up Shows Your Concern for Others

As a responsible dog owner, you have now done your part in cleaning up after your dog.  In doing so, you have shown proof of your concern for others and for your community.  If you see another who is not as diligent as yourself who leaves their dog’s waste exposed to all, feel free to educate them on this easy method of how to pick up.  And make sure you also show them the advantage of using Wag’n’Load, available in different sizes and colors – your discreet dog waste bags carrier.