Dog Waste Bags – WHAT?

As responsible dog owners, we know the “whys” of the need to pick up dog waste.  We are also usually familiar with “how” to use our dog waste bags.  But sometimes we may need to be educated on the “whats”.  There are so many products available; it may be difficult to know what to choose to assist us in this task, which should be easy, simple and routine.

First of all, the most hygienic and safe method for scooping up dog poop is to use dog poop bags.  It is necessary that they have no tears, are strong and easy to use.  There is a wide assortment of authentic dog waste bags available in different sizes, colors, scents and shapes.  Biodegradable bags may be an option to consider if we are concerned about our environment and the length of time it takes plastic to decompose.  However, these waste bags are more costly.  Plastic bags such as sandwich or zip-lock bags which can be purchased at the grocery store are another option.  Or we may prefer to save our pennies and simply use our plastic grocery bags.  However, by choosing this option, we must be concerned about the frequent tears in these bags and so use two bags, one inside the other.

Secondly, Wag’n’Load, our dog waste bags carrier, is a must for handling our dog waste.  The plastic bags which are full of dog poop must be protected from the possibility of breakage.  Although the poop bags may be strong, any bump or jostle or possibly an uneven load of dog poop has the potential to cause a tear in the plastic bag.  Because of the disease carrying capability of dog waste, the owner and others must be protected from this possibility of leakage.  Wag’n’Load will prevent this from occurring as well as protect the eyes of all from the ugly look of a disgusting waste bag of dog poop.  Our waste bags may be colored and may be scented, but the poop formation is still visible to everyone.  We have all advanced beyond this juvenile appearance.  This unique dog waste bags carrier, in strong, washable nylon, is available in different colors and different sizes, and will portray a much cleaner, more discreet look before and after using our dog waste bags.  In addition, it contains additional pockets for dog training accessories and a clip for keys, flashlight or a dog poop bags dispenser.

Next, a bottle of hand sanitizer is an obvious necessary accessory after picking up dog waste.  Just as after using the toilet, even if we “didn’t touch anything”, we still wash our hands.  This is an obvious action that must be done.  There should be no disagreement with this.  No excuses.  Yet, because most of us don’t normally carry hand sanitizer with us, we have not gotten in the habit of doing this.  But we must.  We must take action to protect our health and the health of our loved ones.  Wag’n’Load contains a side pocket for an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer.  This allows the sanitizer to always be available, reminding us to use it and making our job much easier.

Knowledge Needed for Dog Waste Bags Usage

The final assistance that we need is a constant reminder of our good base of knowledge of the “why’s” and “how’s” of using dog waste bags.  This knowledge will prompt us to always carry our dog waste bags, to be prepared to always clean up after our pets, and to do so in the proper manner.  As responsible dog owners we will be an example to others and show our concern for others – our family, friends, neighbors, and our environment.