Dog Waste Bags – WHEN?

As we venture out on our outdoor adventures with our pets, we look forward to the fresh air and exercise that we both enjoy.  Whether we choose to play at the park or stroll down the street or sidewalk, as responsible dog owners we must always be prepared with our dog waste bags.  And when do we use them?

One answer must be “always!”  Not occasionally, but every single time.  Some may claim that “we’re off the beaten path” or in the street or gutter where no one else walks.  Although we can indeed assume that no one else will plop their foot in out pet’s feces, the dog waste will still do its damage in other ways.  As it is washed down our streets and gutters and into our water, on it flows and contaminates our streams, rivers, lakes and beaches.  Studies, using a variant of DNA fingerprinting, have proven that dog waste contributes 30% of the pollutants in a stream.  As one microbiologist in California noted, “that can be the difference between a beach closing or a beach not closing.”

If you and your pet play in parks that are not located near water, gutters or drains, we must still be concerned about the environmental impact of dog waste.  Boulder, Colorado certainly dealt with this damage.  The natural, native grasses in the city’s mountain parks, like all grasses, need low-nitrogen conditions to survive.  Nitrogen is damaging to grasses.  In Boulder, the native grasses were being choked out by weeds.  Boulder officials had to educate and convince dog walkers that dog waste is not fertilizer.  Their job was quite difficult as apparently many people really did believe that it was.  Using waste bags and their dog waste bags carrier was the solution to help prevent further damage.

The other answer to the question, “when?” is “immediately!”  Then dog waste can be scooped up easily using dog waste bags before it has the chance to settle into the ground on onto the pavement.  In addition, it will not be stepped in by others and it won’t be eaten by other dogs.  The scientific term for the eating of dog waste is coprophagia.  This is very common in the animal world for many reasons.  Our pets that eat the feces of other dogs can contract a variety of worms and diseases.  And that same pet can then transmit those parasites, worm and diseases to humans.  Picking up dog waste with dog waste bags immediately is important.  We must also immediately sanitize our hands after handling the waste, and using the hand sanitizer readily available in Wag’n’Load will assist us.

Always Be Ready with Dog Waste Bags Carrier

We must always be prepared with all we need when we and our pets are enjoying our time outdoors.  See Dog Waste Bags – WHAT? Carrying our waste bags conveniently in Wag’n’Load and then protecting those bags full of dog waste in our unique dog waste bags carrier will easily assist us with our responsibilities.  And it must always be readily available, either as a dog leash accessory or as a dog park accessory.  Having the hand sanitizer easily available in the side pocket will also help us to immediately and always to sanitize our hands after handling dog waste.  Wag’n’Load is a discreet, convenient and sanitary accessory that we must always carry with us when exercising our pets.

Dog Waste Bags Carrier