Dog Waste Bags – WHERE?

If you have a dog, you know the importance of giving your best friend the exercise he or she needs.  And also the importance of carrying dog waste bags with you at all times, no matter where you are, to be prepared for the inevitable.  Whether walking on the sidewalk or the street, your neighborhood park, or your local dog park – a supply of waste bags will fulfill your needs.

You can stuff these empty bags in your pocket or carry them in Wag’n’Load, a discreet dog waste bags carrier, which will label you as a responsible owner.  If using a leash to walk your pet, then the dog waste bag carrier can be attached to the leash – a great dog leash accessory.  If your pooch is unleashed at a dog park, the carrier can be attached to your belt or belt-loops.  This carrier even has additional pockets for dog training accessories or treats.  It also has a clip that can be used for a poop bags dispenser, keys or a flashlight.  This same unique waste bags carrier even has a side pocket that holds an easy to use bottle of hand sanitizer.  Sanitizing your hands is a must after handling dog waste, similar to washing our hands after using the toilet.

Where Will You Put Your Dog Waste Bags?

You can carry all of this – the empty dog waste bags, the training accessories, the treats, your keys, and the hand sanitizer in your pockets while walking your pet down the sidewalk or allowing your companion to romp at the park.  Or you can choose the easy & convenient method by placing this all in your dog waste bags carrier.  Pockets for everything, including dog training supplies.  And then you can also place the full bag of dog waste in the carrier, rather than having it dangle from your hand or bounce on your leash.

So wherever you love to exercise your pet, the choice is up to you.  What do you prefer as your bag of honor that labels you as a responsible owner?  Either Wag’n’Load, a unique dog waste bags carrier, available in different sizes and colors or a full bag of poop dangling from your hand.  The choice is yours!