Dog Waste Bags – Why Some Say “No”

Several recent studies have indicated that 41% of dog owners rarely or never pick up their dog’s messes.  They don’t use dog waste bags, pooper scoopers, or any other method of disposing of dog waste.  What are their reasons for this decision?  Why do some say “NO”?

1) “Because it eventually goes away”, they claim.  But does it?  Yes it does.   It is washed into our lakes, rivers,  streams and beaches, posing a threat to our water and harming our fish and wildlife.  New lab techniques have determined that dog waste contributes 20% -30% of the fecal bacteria that contaminate our streams and lakes  As it “goes away” into our lawns, it causes burns, unsightly discoloring and toxicity to new growth.  And it is also “goes away” as it is tracked into our homes, on to our carpets and into our vehicles.

2)  “My dog is small, so the waste is small”.  That may be true, but a single gram of dog feces may contain 23 million coliform bacteria.  Dog feces are common carriers of giardia, salmonella, roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and 6 other diseases.  Even a tiny amount of dog waste will cause problems.  And it, too, is still washed into our waterways, tracked into our homes, damages our lawns and poses a health hazard to all.

3)  “I find it humiliating to carry plastic dog waste bags”.  Certainly this is also true!  And this is especially true when you are also carrying a cup of coffee or a sandwich.  When it could break and spill its contents wherever.  And especially true when everyone knows what you are carrying!  Wag’n’Load solves this humility problem.  The dog poop bags are hidden in an interior pocket, so no one has to see what you are carrying.  It is protected so it will not break.  And you can carry your coffee or sandwich since you have certainly used the hand sanitizer after picking up your dog’s feces.  See Dog Waste Bags – HOW?

4)  “Just because.”  This is a very sad reason for saying “no”.  Owning a dog brings with it immense responsibilities, as we are all well aware of.  This involves concern for the welfare of our pet, but also our family, our neighbors, and our communities.  This certainly does dictate a maturity level where “just because” should not even be a part of our vocabulary.

Education Needed Regarding Dog Waste

As responsible dog owners, we must all educate ourselves and others regarding the many and immense problems associated with dog waste that is not picked up.  The EPA has placed dog poop in the same category as toxic chemicals, deeming it a “nonpoint source of pollution”.  Dog waste bags and Wag’n’Load, a discreet dog waste bags carrier provides the easiest, the most discreet and the most sanitary method of meeting our responsibilities.