Dog Waste Bags – WHY?

Why should we use dog waste bags to pick up our best friend’s waste?  Well, actually there are many reasons.  Some we are well aware of, some maybe not.

1)  Common courtesy to our neighbors.  How often have you stepped in dog waste and tracked it into your home or into your vehicle?  Hard to get off of the carpet isn’t it?  And it’s also very difficult to scrape off of our shoes.  Common courtesy and good will to all means that if your pet did it, we must take care of it.

2)  Dog waste poses a threat to our water.  It is an environmental pollutant.  Studies done in the last few years put dogs third on the list of contributors of bacteria in contaminated waters.  Dog waste adds nitrogen to the water.  Excess nitrogen depletes the oxygen in the water that is necessary for fish and wildlife.

3) Dog waste is a health hazard.  It contains 23 million coliform bacteria per gram and potentially heartworms, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms.  These worms can live in soil for long periods and are easily transmitted to humans or other animals.  Dog waste bags will safely contain and eliminate all of these health hazards.

4) Dog waste is not a good lawn fertilizer.  It is actually toxic to your lawn, causing burns and unsightly discoloring.

5)  It’s the law!  Fines for not picking up dog waste range from $100 in New York to $600 in Paris and $750 in London.

Many Good Reasons Why to use Dog Waste Bags

So there are many good reasons why to use waste bags to pick up our pet’s feces.  However, one recent study indicates that 41% of dog owners rarely or never clean up after their friend.  Maybe they are not aware of the very good reasons to do so.   See Dog Waste Bags – Why Some Say No.  We may have a lot of educating to do before dog owners realize that their pooch can be a canine sewage pipe.

And the easiest, cheapest, most sanitary and most discreet method of taking care of dog waste is with Wag’n’Load, a dog waste bags carrier.