Dog Poop Bag


Today a dog poop bag is always needed when walking our pets.  Times have changed.  No longer can we simply turn our head and walk away when our canine companion expels his dog waste.  We must always and immediately pick up the dog poop.

Consumer Reports has listed “dog poop” as sixth on its list of America’s top gripes in 2010.  That ranks below “unreliable internet service”, but higher than “incomprehensible bills”.  No one appreciates canine feces, including those who must pick it up.

Dog Waste Is Dangerous

However, dog poop is more than an aesthetic issue.  We all agree, the stuff is certainly underfoot quite a bit.  In the U.S. alone, 73 million dogs generate approximately 6.3 billion pounds of waste every year.  Unfortunately, about 40%, or 2.5 billion pounds is never picked up by the dog owners.  The medical community is now well aware that canine feces are a bacterial breeding ground of a rouge’s gallery of diseases that are particularly dangerous to children and to those with weakened immune systems.  Toxocara canis is one of the roundworms found in canine feces.  It is especially dangerous to children and it has been known to cause blindness.  A dog poop bag must be used to pick up this waste and prevent these health risks to be passed on to others who would otherwise come in contact with the feces.

Dog Waste Hurts Our Environment

There has been a wealth of research performed on the effect of dog poop on our fresh waters and water supply.  As it is washed from green spaces to storm drains, it is arriving untreated at the closest waterway.  Researches are discovering that dog waste is one of the top contributors to contaminated waters.  The EPA has listed canine feces as an environmental pollutant.  In the past decade, E. Coli from canine droppings left lying have caused a public park in Austin, Texas to temporarily shut down, have closed the Boise River to swimming and fishing, have been identified as a significant source of pollution in the Fairfax, Virginia, watershed and have closed countless beaches across our nation.

Fines Are Increasing

Enforcement campaigns are ramping up around the world for those who fail to pick up dog poop.  Fines are increasing at a phenomenal rate.  Although London used to have the highest fine at $700 that is now surpassed by $1000 in Lafayette, Colorado and an astronomical $2651 in Capri, an island in western Italy.  In order to catch the culprits, dog DNA identification programs have also been propelled into our lives.  Apartment owners and condominium associations are experiencing great success with the DNA programs as they begin to experience a dog waste free environment and gain a bit of income from the offenders in the process.  The DNA programs are gradually being enlisted by neighborhoods, community associations, villages, cities and park advocates.  Soon every pet owner will carry and use a dog poop bag.

Dog Poop Bag Holder Will Be Appreciated

As the usage and dog poop bags choices increases, so will the need to always carry a poop bags holder.  Wag’n’Load will carry empty and full dog poop bags of any choice, as well as the other most necessary item – hand sanitizer.  The world has also become more educated in the need to sanitize our hands after picking up dog poop, so having the sanitizer readily available for disbursement in the side pocket will be much needed and appreciated.

Our unique dog poop bag holder will also carry other necessities.  Dog training supplies, park passes, a wallet or cell phone can be safely enclosed within the interior pockets.  The handy clip will hold a flashlight, car keys or a dog poop bags dispenser if that is the preference of the canine owner.

We have moved into the future.  Always picking up dog poop will soon be the normative procedure for the majority of canine owners.  The minority will continue to pay the fines, pollute our environment and risk our health.  But their numbers are dwindling.  Those who carry and use a dog poop bag have become the new vision.  Those who carry their poop bags in a dog poop bag holder will portray the ideal image and example for all.