Dog Park Tips


Dogs In Parks 101 Tips:  Follow all the rules.  It is just as simple as that.  Rules in most parks are listed below to help you prepare for your visit.  No matter where you have decided to explore – the California State Parks, the city parks in New York or your local dog park – your dog is usually welcomed in the parks.  But you must always follow the posted rules, respect the park and respect others.

1)  All dogs must be properly licensed and vaccinated, so bring proof of current license and vaccinations with you.  Most parks prohibit the entry of puppies less than 4 months, because they have not yet received the full range of vaccines.

2)  Only healthy dogs are allowed.  If your dog is suffering from fleas, mange, kennel cough or other health problems, do not take them to a park.

3)  Clean up the dog waste left by your pet.  You could be fined or even banned from most parks if you fail to follow these tips.  Carrying dog waste bags or better yet, having a supply available in this Wag’n’Load dog bag which is attached to your leash is the best way to be prepared.  If your dog is off-leash, this newest dog bag waste holder can be simply attached to your belt or belt-loops and will carry your empty and full dog waste bags as well as hand sanitizer, dog treats, training supplies and other necessities.  Consider bringing this new dog bag with you to the dog parks.

4) Do not bring too many dogs.  Many parks for dogs have posted limits on the number of dogs in parks allowed by one person.  Only bring the number you can safely handle.

5)  Do not bring a female pet in heat to dog park.  This is only good common sense, but often ignored.

6)  Follow all posted rules within city, county and state parks.  Usually there are 3 designated areas in parks:

  • No dog in park is allowed
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times – leashes should not exceed 6 ft.
  • Designated Off-Leash Areas same as in most dog parks

Dogs In Parks Tips Are Helpful

There are many wonderful places for you and your dog to enjoy.  Exercise is good for the body and the well-being of both you and your best friend.  You can explore nature, take long walks, romp, play and have fun.  In addition to a dog park, dogs are permitted in most state and city parks, but it is always a good idea to call ahead to make sure that dogs are allowed in park you wish to visit. Just make sure that when you do visit, you follow all rules, including what you have learned in your Dogs In Parks Tips checklist and teach others to do the same.