New Dog Pouch

Finally, a dog pouch is now available that will hold everything that we need when out exercising with our canine companion.  It will carry our dog poop bags, empty and full – and that option is obviously needed every time if we are a responsible dog owner who picks up dog poop.  But it will also carry so much more than dog waste bags!

It will hold an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer and that, as we all well know, is also always needed after handling dog waste.  This dog pouch will carry our dog training supplies such as whistles, clickers, treats, etc.  It will hold a wallet, park passes, cell phone or other needs.  This unique pouch also has a handy side clip that will carry keys, flashlight or a dog poop bags dispenser.

Convenient Dog Pouch

And no matter what we may choose to carry, we can carry this dog pouch in whatever way we prefer.  It can be attached it to our leash in whatever position we desire.  It can be attached down at the end near our pet, up by the loop in our hand, or mid-leash.  If our canine friend is not on a leash, we can easily attach it to our belt or belt-loops.  Or we may choose to hold it comfortably in our hand or even place it in a pocket.  This doggie bag is very versatile and very convenient.

This handy pouch is also available in different sizes and different fashionable colors.  We can choose our size based on the size of our pet or on the size of our needs.  And the color choices can match our designer appetites.

So finally we have a new accessory that matches the era that we live in.  This unique bag will distinguish us from others and they way they choose to carry their dog poop bags.  Not only will it label us as a responsible dog owner at all times by always having dog waste bags available and ready, it will also display the discreet way of carrying full poop bags down the street.  We must consider this new, discreet and convenient dog pouch to handle all of our needs for today and for tomorrow.