New & Unique Poop Pouch

This new and unique poop pouch will change your practices in handling dog poop.  It will help you to be so much safer and discreet.  It is a true blessing as it makes all that you carry so much easier.  As you marvel at its help in carrying your dog waste bags and other supplies, you will wonder why you ever handled dog waste the way you had before.

You will no longer need to remember your dog waste bags as you head out the door.  They will be safely and conveniently secured and available in your pouch.  Rather than backtracking to grab them and then roughly stuffing them in your pockets with the real potential of rips or tears, they will be protected in your pouch and available for easy retrieval.

After using your dog poop bag to scoop the feces, you simply re-invert and tie a knot in it and place it back in your poop pouch.  It is now out of sight and out of mind, where dog poop was always meant to be.  You and others no longer need to view the ugly bag of feces.  In addition, the poop bag will be securely protected from bumps, bruises and rips.  The disease-carrying potential of the dog waste will stay in the waste bag where it belongs and not exposed to you or to others.  There is room for more than one full dog poop bag in your handy pouch.

Having a pocket to carry an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer is another remarkable feature of Wag’n’Load.  Sanitizing your hands is a must now that you are well aware of the gross bacteria load and potential for parasites, worms and their eggs that are present in dog poop.  We wash our hands after using toilet facilities; we must also sanitize our hands after handling our dog poop bag.  This is especially true now that we realize the much larger disease potential present in dog waste.

New Poop Pouch Will Carry It All

The ability to carry training supplies, treats, park passes, wallets, cell phones and other needs is a convenience that will be much appreciated.  The handy clip will also carry a flashlight, keys or a dog poop bags dispenser.  Convenience is always welcomed.

This new and inviting opportunity of being able to carry all that we need when out with our pets does certainly speak of the future.  It speaks of a more convenient way to carry dog poop bags and needed supplies.  And it speaks of a safer way to carry them.  Consider this new and unique poop pouch to bring this safety and convenience to your life.