Poop Bags – An Easier Way

Are you still using your poop bags the old way?  The way we have all done it for years.  Scoop up the dog poop.  Tie a knot in the bag.  Then proceed to walk or jog down the street or through the park with the bag of poop dangling from your hand or your leash.  The old way.  The ugly way.  The unsafe way.  It is time to take a step into the next century.

Take a peek at Wag’n’Load.  First of all, it is a very inexpensive way to carry your dog poop.  You can still use dog poop bags if you prefer.  Or you can use the free grocery or purchase the cheap sandwich bags.  Then follow the same rules – scoop up the dog waste, tie a knot, but now discreetly tuck it away in your doggie bag.  Now it won’t break.  And you also have a much more pleasurable sight than carrying your ugly, stinky, bulging dog waste bags.

You can also use the additional pockets in your dog waste bags carrier for other items – items that you usually have to remember to tuck in your pockets.  It has room for your empty plastic bags or gloves, your dog training accessories, treats, your wallet, etc.  There is also a handy clip for a poop bags dispenser or your keys or flashlight.  And there is even a side pocket for an easy-to-reach inverted bottle of hand sanitizer.  This is another practice that most of us don’t adhere to.  We don’t sanitize our hands after handling our pet’s feces.  How disgusting.  We wash our hands after using the toilet, even if we didn’t “touch anything”.  We should certainly follow this same practice after handling feces that are much bigger carriers of diseases, including worms.  Having this bottle of hand sanitizer always available for us in our designer doggie bag will get us in the habit of using it.

New Way To Carry Poop Bags

For years, we’ve been responsible pet owners and we’ve picked up our pet’s feces.  That is good.   But, we’ve have been doing it the “old way” for too long.  We’ve stuffed expensive purchased designer dog waste bags in our pockets and then, after scooping up the dog waste, we’ve carried those ugly, disgusting waste bags for all to see.  We’ve also added the real possibility that they may break and spread their germs.  It is now time to move forward and use a much safer, cheaper and sounder method.  Use this unique doggie bag – this dog poop carrier that conveniently carries everything that you need, including your poop bags.