Poop Bags Carrier – The Future

The future excites us.  We never really know what to expect.  But if something becomes available to make our lives easier, we know it is good.  This new carrier for poop bags is one of those things that will help us.  It will simplify our dog poop pickup job.  This unique dog pouch will carry everything we need at all times, make our lives easier and give us the time we need to focus on more important things.

It will carry our empty waste bags.  At all times.  Of course we’ll need to replace them occasionally, but that should be it.  We won’t have to remember to grab those dog waste bags every time we head out the door for our outings with our pets.  They’ll always be stored ready and easily available in our carrier.  The future.  Easy & simple.

Poop Bags Carrier – Easy & Simple

It will carry our full dog poop bags.  Carry them out of site where they must be.  A much prettier site than a full bag of dog poop bouncing down the street on our leash or our fingers.  And protected from being bumped and possibly torn or ripped.  So our dog pouch will protect us from the disease carrying properties of of the poop.  The future.  Easy & protected.

It will carry our hand sanitizer.  At all times.  We will never forget it, never be without it.  It will be held in an inverted position and we don’t even need to take it out of the waste carrier.  We simply flip the lid, squeeze the side of the bag, and out comes the sanitizer that we will always need after handling our dog waste.  Simple.  Easy.  Making our lives easier.  Where we now know the importance of always using hand sanitizer, because we now know the disease carrying properties of pet feces.  The future.  Easy & safe.

It will carry other necessities.  At all times.  Our dog training supplies.  Our treats.  Our park passes.  Our keys, wallet, flashlight.  The future.  Easy & prepared.

The future is here.  We have been educated, we have learned.  And so we must now follow though with what we know.  With adequate precautions.  With the necessities we need.  To pick up dog waste, to carry our dog poop bags, and to sanitize our hands. And to make these tasks easier, we always use our poop bags carrier, our unique dog pouch – because it is the future.