Poop Bags – Do Unto Others

The Golden Rule is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  This is the most essential basis for our modern concept of human rights.  We must treat everyone with consideration.  And this of course includes cleaning up our dog’s poop.  This means using our poop scooper or poop bags to carry it away so someone else doesn’t have to step in it or get sick from it.  This means always carrying dog poop bags with us.  This means being a responsible dog owner and a good citizen.

So why don’t 41% of owners clean up their dog waste?  They need to be educated, not only on the Golden Rule but on the environmental and health dangers of dog poop.  And maybe that is our job to educate them.  Not only face-to-face, but also in other ways.  Talking with our friends and family.  Writing letters to our newspapers or maybe even suggesting a topic for the papers to write about.  Maybe getting our city or county boards involved.  Just some thoughts, maybe you can think of more.

Education Needed About New Products Including

New Poop Bags Carrier

People also need to be educated on the new products available to pick up dog poop.  There is a wide variety of poop bags, in various sizes, colors, shapes and scents.  There are biodegradable dog poop bags.  And of course there is Wag’n’Load, the unique dog pouch that carries all you need to clean up your dog waste and more.  This is what makes it so very nice.  You no longer have to remember everything when you venture out with your pet.  All is nicely available when you need it – your empty dog waste bags, hand sanitizer, training supplies, treats, park passes, keys, or whatever.  And once the poop is bagged, it is discreetly tucked into one of the inner pockets – out of sight and out of mind.  Very nice, very dependable, and very handy.  It is something you could use even if not using it to bag our pet feces.

And this handy dog pouch comes in various sizes and colors just for you.  It is a very attractive accessory and it can be carried on your leash, on your belt or belt-loops, in a pocket or by hand.  So please include Wag’n’Load when you educate your friends and loved ones about the Golden Rule, about the health and environmental damage caused by dog poop and about the new poop bags that are now available.  This unique carrier for dog waste bags may be just the trick to help them see the light.