Poop Bags – New Options

We all love “the new”, don’t we?  Especially if “the new” will make our lives easier.  And Wag’n’Load, the new poop bags carrier will do just that!  Simplify and help us remember to always carry dog waste bags.  Simplify and help us safely and discreetly carry our waste bags once they are full.  And finally, simplify and remind us to use our hand sanitizer by having it conveniently near the interior pocket where we place our dog poop bags.  What could be easier, simpler, more convenient or safer than having this handy dog pouch as part of our lives?

Now we could continue doing it the old way.  We could continue using our poop scooper.  Or we could continue stuffing our dog waste bags in our pockets and risking the real chance of tearing them.  That is, of course, hoping that we remembered them before bounding out the door.  And once we have picked up the dog poop, we could continue walking proudly down the street carrying our bag of feces for all to see and with the real chance of it ripping or spilling its contents.  And we could even be munching on our apple carried in the same hand, before sanitizing our hands!  And yes, we would certainly continue in “the old way” by not using hand sanitizer after handling our dog poop bags.  And we would then continue to risk our real exposure to a multitude of germs, parasites and worms (and their eggs!) that are present in dog waste.  The old way of doing things -Yup, this is the old way – the ugly, disgusting, unsafe, the “what in the world were we thinking?” way.  The “obviously all of the connections are not firing in our brains” way.

Poop Bags The New Way

Or we could happily accept the “new way”.  By using this unique dog pouch, rather than a poop scooper, we would have everything readily available to us.  Our plastic bags would be safely and conveniently carried in the interior pockets.  Once they are full of feces, they would be safely carried in an interior pocket where they would be protected from breakage and from the site of all.  Our hand sanitizer would be carried in a side pocket and inverted so all it will take is a flip of the cap and a small squeeze and a dab will fall in our palm.  And our dog training supplies, treats, gadgets, park passes, wallets, keys and flashlight could also be conveniently carried or attached to the available clip.  All of these “new ways” are only good for us.

These new options of carrying our empty and full dog poop bags and also caring for ourselves after handling dog poop are quite welcomed.  These “new ways” make our lives easier and safer.  No more using a poop scooper for us.  This new carrier for our poop bags, this very unique dog pouch is all that we need to safely, conveniently and discreetly handle our dog waste bags.