Poop Bags – Step From The Past

Are you still carrying your poop bags the old fashioned way?  The Fred Flintstone way?  We have stepped into the next century.  The old way is out.  The walking down the street with yucky dog poop bags swinging from your hand or a poop scooper dangling by your side is way, way old.  Performing your dog poop pickup and then not washing our hands immediately afterwards is also from those caveman days.  Step out of the past and realize there is a much better way to take care of dog poop.  Wag’n’Load, a unique dog pouch, fulfills all of your needs right now.

You can use any plastic bag or even a disposable glove to pick up dog poop.  The free grocery bags or cheaply purchased sandwich bags work just fine.  Or you can purchase dog poop bags, including biodegradables if that is your preference.  You can even use a dog poop bags dispenser and attach it to the clip on this handy dog pouch.  Whatever you decide to use as your poop bags can be stored conveniently in one of the interior pockets of Wag’n’Load.  There are additional pockets for dog training equipment, treats, your wallet or park passes and the noted clip for dispenser, car keys or a flashlight.

Once the feces have been picked up, the poop bags can be discreetly tucked away in the interior pockets, and more than one can be stored.  So those ugly dog waste bags are hidden from all, and also protected from the possibility of breakage.  This is the new way of carrying dog poop – much, much better than that old way from the past.

The other new way should have been done years ago.  Sanitizing our hands after doing our dog poop pickup.  Why have we not?  This only makes perfectly good sense.   We wash our hands after using the toilet.  Why have we not washed our hands after handling something which is much more prone to cause disease in us and in others?  Even if we didn’t touch anything.  Has that ever mattered to us after using the toilet?  No it hasn’t.  And our bathroom visits never left us with the possibility of catching tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, Giardiasis, Cryptosporidiosis, Campylobacteriosis, and a host of others.  And it is the worm eggs that are the problem for us, even if you see no worm in the stool.  So of course, now that we have moved from the past, we must sanitize our hands.  But remembering to pocket or carry the hand sanitizer may be difficult.  So Wag’n’Load planned for this.  It has a handy side pocket that carries an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer.  So once we have placed our poop bags in our handy dog pouch, we immediately open the lid on the inverted sanitizer and easily and quickly sanitize our hands.  Done!

Poop Bags, Dog Training Equipment

Always have Wag’n’Load attached to your leash or nearby if you plan a trip to the dog park.  Then everything you need is ready for you.  All you need to remember is your unique new dog pouch when you go out.  It will carry your empty and full dog poop bags, and everything you need for your outing.

So step from the Fred Flintstone days into the future.  All you need for being a responsible pet owner and safely handling your dog poop pickup is now easily and conveniently available.  The new way of doing things.  Carry your hand sanitizer, dog training equipment, other necessities and your empty and full poop bags conveniently, discreetly and safely.