Poop Pouch Will Change Us

Our new poop pouch will bring changes to the way we handle dog poop.  These changes are long overdue.  We have all been living in a cave too long – attending to dog waste in the old, old ways.  It is time for us to change.

We will no longer have to remember our dog poop bag – a good supply will always be readily available in an interior pocket of our pouch which is either attached to our leash or ready to attach to our belt or belt-loops.  Out the door we can pounce, always knowing we are ready for anything.  Because everything we need will be contained in our discreet leash or belt accessory.  This is a convenient change we will certainly appreciate.

Poop Pouch Carries Full Dog Poop Bag

After our canine friend expels their waste, as they always do, we simply retrieve a dog waste bag from our pouch, scoop it up, and safely and securely return it to another interior pocket.  This provides a much more pleasant view than an ugly dog poop bag dangling from our hand or our leash.  In addition, our poop bag is now safely secured and protected from bumps or scrapes which would lead to transfer of the disease-carrying feces to ourselves or to others.  This is a discreet and safe change that is certainly long-overdue.

Once we have returned the dog poop bag to our poop pouch, we must sanitize our hands.  We wash our hands after using toilet facilities and this same practice should certainly be followed after handling a bag of canine poop, which has a much greater potential to cause disease than human waste.  These 11 possible diseases include those caused by bacteria, parasites, worms, and their eggs and can all be prevented by proper hand sanitation.  Wag’n’Load will securely store an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer in a side pocket.  A simple press on the side of the bag will expel a drop into our palm.  This can then be gently dispersed over our hands for excellent disease prevention.  This is a sanitary change that will ensure our good health.

Wag’n’Load has additional pockets for dog training supplies, treats, park passes, wallets, a cell phone and more.  The handy clip will attach keys, a flashlight or a dog poop bag dispenser.  All of these necessities no longer need to be remembered and then stuffed in our pockets.  They will all be easily available for retrieval when we need them.  This is another convenient change that will simplify our lives.

All of these changes will be very much appreciated.  They will make our lives easier, safer, healthier and more discreet.  They should have been implemented years ago.  We are a tad behind the times when we think about the way we have been handling dog poop.  We will certainly enjoy the new way of carrying our dog poop bag, hand sanitizer and more and appreciate the new practices we have learned as we now venture out and educate others with our new poop pouch.