Wag’n’Load Dog Poop Bag Holder is in the News

The Denver Post recently posted some news on Wag’n’Load, the handy dog poop bag holder in their paper.

Apparently the dog walkers at Elk Meadow Dog Park in Colorado did not do a very good job in picking up dog poop deposited by their pet. A few others did bag their dog poop, but decided not to cart it out. The park had to be closed due to the high levels of E. coli in soil and stream corridors.

Volunteers were recruited and 425 bags of dog poop was carted out of the park. That is a lot of dog poop.  Officials saw our site and realized there was a better way:

The Jeffco Open Space park office wanted to encourage dog walkers to pick up their dogwaste.  So they publicized the availability of free Wag’n’Loads, the greatest dog waste carrier on the market.  They were all happy to know how convenient, discreet and sanitary this great dog poop bag holder is.


Wag’n’Load comes in 3 different sizes and 3 different colors.  Hopefully, once the dog walkers realize how easy it is to use this great dog poop bag holder, the greater the possibility that they will now always use it to pick up dog poop.  It will carry their empty and loaded dog poop bags and much more…. including phones, wallet, & hand sanitizer.  This nifty dog poop bag can easily attach to their leash or their belt loops if they are not using a leash.

Hopefully the problem is solved at Elk Meadow Dog Park in Colorado.  Other parks should note that Wag’n’Load can be bought in discounted quantities as we want to help assist with the global efforts of discarded dog poop.   Please consider that maybe this great dog poop bag holder will be able to assist in your efforts.