Dog Walking Bag


All dogs need regular walks to maintain proper mental function and for exercise, and their owners need a dog walking bag to make their jobs easier.  The time spent walking your pet can be the best part of your day.  It is always enjoyable to get out and get some fresh air as well as gain the numerous health benefits of walking.  In addition, the walk is more valuable than other types of exercise for your canine companion (such as chasing a ball or running with others at the dog park) because it also offers training opportunities and helps to build the human and animal bond.  To ensure your walk remains an enjoyable and valuable experience, look at the 6 things that will be needed in your dog walking bag.

1)  Your dog walking bag must easily attach to your leash.  If should also be able to be attached to a retractable leash if this is your choice.  You must also be able to place your bag in any position on your leash – up near your hand loop, down near your pet, or mid-leash.  You should be able to move it around as you desire.

2) Your walking bag must easily store your supply of dog poop bags in an interior pocket.  Thus, they will be always available and you will not have to remember to grab them as you head out for your walk.

3) Your dog walking bag must be able to hold your dog poop bag once it is “loaded” with dog poop.  If you have more than one bag full of dog poop, then it should be able to hold additional bags.  Thus, you will not have to carry your full bags of dog poop any more.  They will be discreetly and safely protected in your walking bag.  This will be nice!  This will ensure that you really enjoy your entire walk!

4)  Your walking bag must be able to hold your small bottle of hand sanitizer.  Protecting yourself from the hazards of dog poop is a must.  Just as you wash your hands after using toilet facilities, hand sanitation after handling a more dangerous dog poop bag is certainly needed.  Having an inverted and ready bottle of sanitizer in your dog walking bag is a sanitary convenience that is required.

5) Your dog walking bag must have additional pockets for other items that you will need while out on your walk.  Other essentials may include treats, cards, dog training supplies such as clickers & whistles, your wallet, cell phone, etc.  A handy clip to carry your keys, flashlight or dog poop bag dispenser would also be appreciated.

6) Your bag should be available in an assortment of attractive colors and sizes to meet your needs.  It should be very durable and machine washable for your rough and tumble pet.

Your $7 Dog Walking Bag Will Assist You

The 30-45 minutes spent walking our pet and being assisted by our walking bag is the best part of our day, as we hope it is yours.  It is great for our best friend as she stretches her legs and gains some exercise and behavioral benefits.  It is great for us as we gain the same health benefits and also the opportunity to clear our heads and organize our thoughts after a long day at work.  We hope your convenient dog walking bag will also help make your walk more hassle-free and thus more enjoyable.